Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Love Your V

You might feel so awkward if you’re a guy :p
This post is totally for females only *obviously*, but if you’re curious about it, there’s not harm to know hahaha!

So, today I’m talking about taking proactive care of our V! V stands for female’s intimate area. Do you guys know that feminine washes are really important for our V? It’s not only aid in prevention of infections, but it is an integral part in one’s beauty regime. I guess some of you might think, Oh just use water to wash your intimate area and it can prevent infections or odour. Nope that’s not enough! Here’s the reason why:

Click here to watch the V-ebisodes of why Water is not good enough! This link will lead you to the webisode page.

I’ve been using Lactacyd since after I had my period and yea, this is the only feminine hygiene wash brand I know so far. Simply because my mom using this too and she’s the one who recommended me to use it to wash my V. lol But that time I’m using the old packaging Lactacyd ph3.5 not like now, it has so many colors and types!

Hehehe I have all! Thanks to Lactacyd Malaysia!
So, let me one by one introduce their benefits!

(Sorry with the crazy make-up I had cause I took it after I went to YaaSui Party)
Lactacyd Lasting Freshness- this is the best for those who suffer from odor problem and hypo-allargenic. It comes with lactic acid and natural refreshing babydoll scent! I guess most of you know what’s the smell of babydoll right!!!! If no, please smell your babydoll now hahaha!

Lactayd pH 3.5- the one I’ve been using all the time, pro-balance for elevated pH  days during menstruation and hormonal changes. It comes with lactic acid from natural milk extract natural soothing and anti-itching agent.

Lactacyd White Intimate- this have proven effective in skin lightening of our intimate area, 90% of women witnessed visible lightening in 12 weeks! A naturally lightened V is definitely better than a darken right?! (SHY)

Lactayd Revitalize- Smooths and firms the skin around our V. 8 out of 10 women experienced skin firming improvement, over a 12-week period in a clinical test!

Lactacyd Nourish- Extra moisturizing and contains with 10% more milk extract more nourishing and moisturizing for the V-zone!

Lastly, daily feminine wipes! Keeps you hygiene anytime and anywhere use it after you pee! It contains Lactic acid from natural milk extract, natural soothing and anti-itching agent! Now they’re having promotion buy 2 packs for only RM4.90! Promotions ends on 31 August 2013

By the way, Lactacyd is having a ‘Love Your V’ campaign now on their website which you girls should definitely check it out, there’re a lot more information about how to take care our V and why use Lactacyd’s feminine washes for our V!  And also, join the Lactacyd VIP club to request for a Lactacyd sample! YAY! I hope you find this post useful ☺

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