Sunday, August 25, 2013


It's time to dress up cray cray at Yaasui third party- Yaalympic! It's all about sports, as I promised myself to dress something crazy on the next Yaasui Party and yeap I did it. Obviously you can see what kind of sports I'm in. All of us really make some efforts to dressed ourselves up for the party compare with last time. So the reason why I dressed up as a skater girl it's because I have a penny skateboard which I bought it from Japan. I don't think you can get this penny pastels yet in Malaysia if I'm not mistaken because many of you asked me about it. You guys can try get it from their website :)

My vibrant colors outfit styled by Sunkhiew, the owner of Lahlahland.
All thanks to her for helping me find all these crazy stuff. Such as the helmet and knee pads. No idea where the hell she found it :p totally matches my outfit! Blue lipstick from limecrime.

Nana's baseball girl look!
(Pardon my flabby tummy,ops totally need to start exercising)

Surrounded by Black's! The twins and Laine 

Vickybobo, Chanwon, Weiwei and her sister Karina!

Let's party! Cherrie and Hannah

Mad love Kittie's DIY top, isn't it awesome?

Cray Cray kids! 

I'm the first runner-up of the best dressed contest, I didn't expect to win because there're a lot more crazy outfits in the party! This is the reason why I love Yaasui party, everyone can dress up whatever shits they like for the theme. The more crazy the more awesome you're.

All photos was taken by awesome photographer Tony Wong B
Can't wait for the next underground private party by Yaa-sui! Anyone wish to join the fun too :p?

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