Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It's Christmas Eve! Where you guys going later? Ah, Mr. Sorethroat and Mr.Headache came to visit me today. Feeling poorly T_T Why both of you came today?! Totally ruined my day makes me feel like don't want to go out already sooo sickkkkkkkkkkk... ishhhh How I wish I'm at HongKong/Japan/Taiwan right now celebrating Christmas Eve it will be so much fun I guess? I'm bored of celebrating Christmas Eve over here, nothing special just a simple dinner that's all lol. Perhaps I should plan that next year!

Anyway, here's a quick ootd update before I go to rest and see whether I'm feeling much better or not later. If no I have to stay at home tonight :(

Hockey Long Sleeve // Fuxury
Purple checked Long Sleeve // HellzBellz
Worship Choker // Os Accessories @lahlahlandkl
Purple Boots // Dr.Martens
Snapback // Fuxury
Bag // Zara


Friday, December 13, 2013

Tiger Radler Launch Party

 The brand new Tiger Radler is finally here in Malaysia!

Last Friday I was invited to the all-new Tiger Radler launch party at KL Live with my babe Cherrie. Although I’m not much of a beer drinker but what I can say is this will be my favorite beer from now onwards. It’s very light and pleasant to the taste, making it a perfect beverage for almost any drinking occasion with my family or friends. For those who likes lemon infused beverages should definitely try this out!

Imagine the sweet and citrus flavour of the lemon matching it with the Tiger Beer… mmmmm doubly refreshing! Malaysia’s one of the first two countries in Southeast Asia to introduce Tiger Radler, it’s already a massive hit in Europe.  I think many will fall in love with the new Tiger Radler when they first taste it as… I’m one of them already!

Here’s some pictures during the launch party! There’s this giveaway that day in the party which you need to take a picture of yourself in the party and upload on instagram to get a Tiger Radler T-shirt or you can design the T-shirt by yourself. But I totally forgot to collect mine because I was too busy taking pictures haha!


For more information can go to http://mydoublerefreshment.com.my/?
Only for 18+ years and above, non muslim
You can hashtag #TigerBeerMY, #mytigerradler and #mydoublerefreshment if you upload any pictures of the new Tiger Radler on your social media !