Monday, March 7, 2016

Another part of Disney, DisneySea.

As I’ve mentioned on my previous post, this is my third time visiting Disney Sea. Even though I’ve blogged about it before but this time I wanted to write something different. Here are some tips of how to have the most fun at Disney Sea, according to me.

Go there early. Tokyo Disney Sea opens at 8am and sometimes 9am/10am so make sure you check the park operation calendar from their website before you head over there. Is best to reach there before the gates open, which you get to be the first ones in line to try out their most popular ride first.

Get fast pass (Only certain rides). It helps to skip all the crazy queues from an hour to 10-20mins especially on peak days. Just scan your ticket in the machine and get your fast pass ticket! Remember to keep it properly and make sure you check your time to queue at the fast pass line for your rides.

Queue for Tower of Terror. I’m a big fan of extreme rides and this is a must-ride for those who love a thrill. Be prepared to scream and feel the drop.

Take a relaxing gondola ride at the Venetian.

Eat a heavy breakfast so you have energy for the whole day. My meal at Restaurant Sakura, Japanese cuisine.

Watch “ Come join your friends “ performance at Piazza Topolino (For limited period only: January 12 to April 10, 2016) Gelatoni, the new friend of Mickey and Duffy will make his first live appearance in this greeting show. So don’t miss this! (They are super adorable which makes me wanna hug each and every one of them. ugh!)

Try all the snacks you want, totally insta worthy.

Collect all your favourite Disney characters popcorn bucket and try all different popcorn flavours. My favourite is milk chocolate. But eating too much popcorn can be heaty so always hydrate, drink more water.

Plan your time wisely. Get the leaflet about the shows as well as the entire map of the theme park so you won’t miss any of the shows or rides you want to go.

Lastly, have fun with your partners and enjoy your day in Tokyo Disney Sea. Till next time, Japan!