Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey Mickey

I’ve just gotten back from Japan, one of my favourite countries that I haven't been for a year. I’m stoked to finally be able to share my trip to Tokyo Disney Resort here. Even though my sis and I have been to Disney Sea more than once but vising it once is never enough. I believe I’m able to go there every year once, cause there’s always something new to discover, always different. For example two years back they added a new Disney character for Disney Sea. ( Duffy the bear’s new friend, Gelatoni the boy cat. And also, this year Tokyo Disneyland added Frozen as one of their special theme to welcome winter starting from January 12 till March 18 which I was lucky enough to experience it. This time around, finally I get to visit Disneyland for the first time. First day, Disneyland; Second day, Disney Sea.

Let’s start from Disneyland. It was awfully cold on that day, fyi it was my first winter trip. Therefore, I’ve no idea what to wear to keep myself warm which I’ve made a big mistake from not bringing a thicker jacket. Can’t believe we managed to stay till night for the nighttime entertainment that was held at the castle of Cinderella; it’s a special winter edition of Once upon of time film ( Only the lucky ones get to watch it cause they have limited seats; tickets are distributed by lottery and the lottery takes place at tomorrowland hall) It reminds me all the good old cartoons that I’ve watched since I was a kid, which is why it’s all worth the wait.

Anyway, here's a photolog of pictures taken in Disneyland and I hope it makes you feel happy :p (Spreading good vibes to you)