Thursday, October 31, 2013

MYSALE Flash Frenzy

Calling all the online shoppers over here! MYSALE’s Flash Frenzy is here! The biggest online event ever for 3 days only starting on 2nd November 2013 to 4th November 2013! YAY!!!!!

So what is this MYSALE Flash Frenzy about? Almost EVERY HOUR MYSALE will be launching new sales which up to 80% discounts for all their members on their site! Over 150 big brand names will be offered during Flash Frenzy such as Coach, Nike, Revlon, OPI, Emporio Armani, French Connection, Bally, Hugo Boss, Pumpkin Patch, Marc Jacobs, Puma, Diesel and lots more.

So if you want to be the first to get the deals, sign in via MYSALE app because it allowed you to access to the Flash Frenzy sale 1 hour before anyone else!

Besides that, I’ve a good news for you all!Besides that, I’ve a good news for you all! I’ll be giving away RM30 to my first 100 readers who spend a minimum of RM100! All you need to do is enter this code – BLOGGERMY810
This voucher can be used during checkout on MYSALE.MY!

Have a great online shopping everybody~ 

For more information go to

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Everyone had been asking me why is it Yaalloween not Halloween? So yea, it's because Yaalloween was organized by Yaasui so they decided to change the Ha to Yaa make it more special :p
I still prefer last year's Halloween not to say Yaalloween wasn't fun just that the sounds system tech makes us frustrated keep on and off and most of the people went off early for Zouk T_T

Anyway, this year I decided to go as Sailor Venus. Actually I'm kinda lucky that I can rent it because this is a new costume and normally costume rental shop doesn't rent anime costume mostly superhero characters or movies characters. At first me and my sister wanted to go for Attack On Titan but we've no idea where to rent it somemore that day we planned was already thursday, there's no time for us to buy it from online ish. Perhaps next year? lol

They say I'm 裂嘴女Zombiemoon and some of them say I look like by2 -_-

I love Halloween party can dress up anything we like, as long as it's scary weeee

DJ Foulworks and DJ JaneChuck spinnin 


Wednesday Addams

Hell Girl

Yup that's real 油炸鬼 on his shorts

Best dressed

Crazy make-up done by myself. Now I know I doesn't look good with double eyelids zzzzzzz

Did some photoshoot after the party by TonyWongB


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Online shopping at MYSALE

I still remember some of you asked me to recommend some good online shopping website. So yea, today I decided to recommend one that I recently love to shop! So far this is one of my favorites online shopping. It’s called MYSALE. MYSALE consider part of the largest shopping club in Australasia which created an innovative online shopping destination in six countries (Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and sooner Korea ,Hong Kong and UK) where they sell the biggest brands for the best prices to their members only. Believe me, all the deals are amazing low prices! Mostly up to 80% and guarantee 100% not imitation items.

See how much they’re selling for a Levi’s watch!!!

  And Beats by Dre! Arghh….  Should buy it from MYSALE so much cheaper! 

How about this? Guess how much for this set, it cost RM119 only D: 

I know you’re wondering why they’re selling all these in such a low prices right now hahaa. It’s because APACSALE Group operates an online clearance channel for the biggest global brands, across four different continents offering the public savings of up to 80% designer brand names. Then, since its launch, MYSALE has worked with over 1000 brand partners across 8 categories; Ladieswear, Childrenswear, Menswear, Homeware, Toys, Health & Beauty, Footwear and Accessories offering up to 100,000 different styles online at any one time and ship globally.

Besides that, they have their own mobile app too which can let you shop anytime anywhere when you’re bored lol. Definitely an awesome app, it will send out regular alerts to their member’s only promoting the sales! So that you won’t miss any great deals!

I’ve been looking around in this website for about an hour already, so many things I wanted to buy O_O Don’t believe? Check out their website I can’t decided which to get T_T

Monday, October 21, 2013


Anyone here watch Win: Who is next too? If yes, which is your favorite team? Honestly, I like both teams. My favorite member from Team A is Nam Tae Hyun and B.I , Bobby from Team B, how bout you?
I don't know why so many people dislike Tae Hyun :( But for me he is the most attractive one in team A, love his voice, his face, his hair, everything lol *sounds like a pervert* And did you guys realized all of them dressed so daebak대박 in every episodes! And none of them is ugly  
Awwww... I can't wait for their final battle dyy, can both teams win? T_T It's so sad and cruel to see one of the team lose. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa......

Anyway, here's a short ootd post

Rocking Мишка X Long Clothing

I guess some of you might not know the brand of Long Clothing right? So basically, Long Clothing is a brand from United Kingdom, It specialize in oversized clothing with a typically monochromatic colour palette. Such as their pervious collaboration with Boy London. I'm sure Boy London sounds familiar to you right? Then, now Long Clothing new 2013 fall collection is collaborating with Mishka. I'm not sure if you all heard about the brand of Mishka but I don't. 
So I did some research about Mishka, And Mishka is a brand from New York that produced a capsule collection of tees, sweats, headwear and varsity jackets. As you can see Mishka's designs mostly have an eyeball on it as that's their trademark logo and also skull with chain motifs. Definitely eye-catching and cool to get one.

Besides, Mishka X Long Clothing I got myself a cool choker from Livberty too! Both items can get from my favorite store LahLahLandKL. I'm like their number one customer in their shop hahaha!

Cause she a fashion killa, and I'm a trendy nigga - Fashion Killa

I'm not sure what brand is this but I got it from bangkok, one of my friend's shop ( Outcast) . I've been searching for this tee for a long time because I saw Edward from Lahlahland had one too! And I really like the design with ASAP ROCKY words on it. If you don't know who is Asap Rocky you could check it out on youtube! He's a very good rapper and I love his songs.

Very boylish outfit

Matching with my new leather jeans from ZARA

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One Day Journey As A Cabin Crew At EduFly

All thanks to EduFly for giving me this opportunity to experience as a cabin crew a day. I’ve this thought of being an air stewardess before but I know it’s hard for me because I’m afraid of flying especially when the plane pass through clouds lol. So it’s okay, at least I’ve tried to be one at EduFly and it was fun!

The first session was we get to learn some basic make up and beauty skills from a real cabin crew who’s still working at MAS, she gave us a lot of tips and also she told us some of her experiences. Now I realized being a cabin crew isn’t easy, no matter how passengers is always right, you have to apology to them even though it isn’t your fault

I’m bad at applying make up, so she helped me. She say always remember to put more foundation/base on the eyelids so that the eye shadow stay on all day.

See we definitely doesn’t look like a professional cabin crew without any eye make up on hahaha!

How about now huh? Macam yes :p , so sad they can’t do anything on my hair because my hair is too short lol

Woke up quite early that day that’s why my face look so swollen :(

Next! Had lunch in the fake plane! Awesome huh?

After that we get to experience some announcement & safety procedure, evacuation procedure mock-up

Welcome to …. Airlines!

 hahahahahaha…. Air stewardess gone wrong LOL!

Groupie pic, bloggers -> air stewardesses

Now EduFly is running a contest which you can stand a chance to win this free One-Day-Journey, as a cabin crew!
All you need to do is like “Edufly Aviation Academy” facebook page. Click here to like. And leave them a comment on their question  : “ Thank you (blogger’s name) and Edufly, I deserve to be a cabin crew because…” 

They will choose 1 reader and give him/her and also 1 of  his/her friends for a whole day free workshop worth RM588 & above. Winner will be chosen based on their creativity & their potential and winners will be notified through their FB inbox ☺
So good luck everyone!

Before I end my post, here’s a small introduction of EduFly.
EduFly is the only Cabin Crew Academy in Malaysia that provides a full- pledged training course that allow you to become a top quality cabin crew! They don’t train you for the interview only; they train you for the job. They don’t teach unnecessary courses to pass those interviews and they give you the training as if you already got the job. Their training includes safety regulatory courses that will help you pass the license examination and also not only on the safety regulatory skills, but also on the communication skills essential for the airline industry. At EduFly, they provide 100% Course Fee Guaranteed Refund if you didn’t get the job! For more information click here.