Monday, October 21, 2013


Anyone here watch Win: Who is next too? If yes, which is your favorite team? Honestly, I like both teams. My favorite member from Team A is Nam Tae Hyun and B.I , Bobby from Team B, how bout you?
I don't know why so many people dislike Tae Hyun :( But for me he is the most attractive one in team A, love his voice, his face, his hair, everything lol *sounds like a pervert* And did you guys realized all of them dressed so daebak대박 in every episodes! And none of them is ugly  
Awwww... I can't wait for their final battle dyy, can both teams win? T_T It's so sad and cruel to see one of the team lose. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa......

Anyway, here's a short ootd post

Rocking Мишка X Long Clothing

I guess some of you might not know the brand of Long Clothing right? So basically, Long Clothing is a brand from United Kingdom, It specialize in oversized clothing with a typically monochromatic colour palette. Such as their pervious collaboration with Boy London. I'm sure Boy London sounds familiar to you right? Then, now Long Clothing new 2013 fall collection is collaborating with Mishka. I'm not sure if you all heard about the brand of Mishka but I don't. 
So I did some research about Mishka, And Mishka is a brand from New York that produced a capsule collection of tees, sweats, headwear and varsity jackets. As you can see Mishka's designs mostly have an eyeball on it as that's their trademark logo and also skull with chain motifs. Definitely eye-catching and cool to get one.

Besides, Mishka X Long Clothing I got myself a cool choker from Livberty too! Both items can get from my favorite store LahLahLandKL. I'm like their number one customer in their shop hahaha!

Cause she a fashion killa, and I'm a trendy nigga - Fashion Killa

I'm not sure what brand is this but I got it from bangkok, one of my friend's shop ( Outcast) . I've been searching for this tee for a long time because I saw Edward from Lahlahland had one too! And I really like the design with ASAP ROCKY words on it. If you don't know who is Asap Rocky you could check it out on youtube! He's a very good rapper and I love his songs.

Very boylish outfit

Matching with my new leather jeans from ZARA


  1. Mrs ang. 34. Woman. Housewife.
    1 yes
    2 yes. It's quite useful.
    3 function
    4 nope
    5 shopping complex
    6 others (I forgot which brand)
    Section C
    1 usefulness
    2 yes
    3 yes
    Wish u luck my dear

  2. I love nam taehyun too he's like pretty cute and mino his rap is like AMAZING LAH! Bobby is super cute too and BI is the natural born swagger! Really hope all of them will debut. Upcoming ep is gonna be sad 😢