Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Everyone had been asking me why is it Yaalloween not Halloween? So yea, it's because Yaalloween was organized by Yaasui so they decided to change the Ha to Yaa make it more special :p
I still prefer last year's Halloween not to say Yaalloween wasn't fun just that the sounds system tech makes us frustrated keep on and off and most of the people went off early for Zouk T_T

Anyway, this year I decided to go as Sailor Venus. Actually I'm kinda lucky that I can rent it because this is a new costume and normally costume rental shop doesn't rent anime costume mostly superhero characters or movies characters. At first me and my sister wanted to go for Attack On Titan but we've no idea where to rent it somemore that day we planned was already thursday, there's no time for us to buy it from online ish. Perhaps next year? lol

They say I'm 裂嘴女Zombiemoon and some of them say I look like by2 -_-

I love Halloween party can dress up anything we like, as long as it's scary weeee

DJ Foulworks and DJ JaneChuck spinnin 


Wednesday Addams

Hell Girl

Yup that's real 油炸鬼 on his shorts

Best dressed

Crazy make-up done by myself. Now I know I doesn't look good with double eyelids zzzzzzz

Did some photoshoot after the party by TonyWongB



  1. Hi!Can I know where do you rent your costume from?

  2. Namo A Mi Tuo Fo, Ni Hao Jane, Ashley and Dharma friends, my cultivations had been slow for a few days, today I will translate Pure Land Dharma talks of Patriarchs and other Dharma articles for Brogme guys and girls. Talk Dharma to you later, sincerely, Thich Tam Tinh