Thursday, November 28, 2013

Topshop x Meadham Kirchhoff

Thank you Topshop for the awesome invite! I was invited to Topshop x Meadham Kirchhoff media preview last wednesday at Topshop Pavilion KL!

This collection was designed by two fashion designers Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff which that's why they named as Meadham Kirchhoff. If I'm not wrong this is their 4th time collaborating with Topshop and this collection was inspired by the idea of a band which named "The Cherrys". The overall aesthetic was influenced by Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, Kembra Pfahler and glam rock. That's why you can see they used leather, lace, suede, chiffon, glitter, a palette of eye popping brights and clashing baby doll pastel colors on these pieces! I definitely loving this collection, so me! 

They categorize the Cherrys into four kinds of Cherrys which each cherry have their own signature style. Cherry Blossom and Cherry Cherrie are more into sweet and innocent girls whereas Cherry Satanika and Cherry Pikka are more into glam rock style. 

I was wondering should I get this pink frilly garter clip, shooo cute! 

Outfit of the day:

CK dungaree top // Lovejonesreconstruct
Skirt // Hong Kong
White collar shirt // Zara
Socks // Happysocks
Purple boots // Drmartens 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Get a Mastercard!

Guess what??!
MasterCard Worldwide is having a new debit card promotion. And do you know what this means? Greater rewards and experiences for us shoppers!

One of the benefits of using a MasterCard Debit: You can go cashless anywhere, anytime.
This is great news for all shopaholics out there. =p so instead of huge wads of cash, I am already convinced that I should own a Debit Mastercard.

Besides that, as a student we shouldn’t overspend. I feel that owning a debit card helps us to have better financial management because it in a way helps track our expenditures. So in that case, our parents too can track what we have spent with our money. In turn, we ourselves will automatically control ourselves for not using so much money hahahaha! This is actually how I save up my money :p 

Another benefit about owning a debit card is that MasterCard Worldwide’s debit card is widely accepted in Malaysia and also at millions of locations worldwide! Including restaurants, hotels and online retailers. So don’t worry if you do not have enough cash overseas! You can just have a swipe or head over to a nearest ATM to withdraw your money.

Psssst.After some research, I’ve also stumbled upon THIS awesome promotion MasterCard is currently having: 

How to register you ask?
Head on over HERE and check it out!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Maybe some of you might think something is different from the way I look but I guess most of you didn't notice what is that right? Heheee... I did eyebrow embroidery last few days ago at my sister's friend shop. The reason why I decided to do eyebrow embroidery is because even though it costed me so much but I feel it's totally worth as it save up my time which I don't need to wake up an hour earlier before I head to college or whenever I go out as I don't need to draw eyebrows anymore yay!
So far I think this is the most expensive treatment I've paid for face lol, RM900 for an eyebrow embroidery and it can last for a year plus.
Seriously after this, I need to start saving money for my next trip to Japan alreadyyyyy. Don't want to spend so much money on buying stuff anymore until I go to Japan T_T

By the way, so fast it's already November omggggg. So many things happened these past few months but I believe everything will be fine after this crazy year!

Outfit of the day,

Singlet // Boy London x Long Clothing
Transparent Choker // WloveC
BELIEVER net shirt // Liv-berty
Net leggings // Topshop
Sneakers // Unif

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

G-shock Shock The World 2013

G-Shock " Shock The World KL 2013 " Once again, thanks to my homies Lah'Lah'Land for giving me this opportunity to be one of the model for their show! It was an awesome night, besides Lah'Lah'Land, Joe Chia was one of the fashion performance too. It's amazing to see totally two different types of fashion sense on the stage,

Joe Chia monotonous color outfits

Lah'Lah'Land colorful and funky outfits

Besides that, there are other Malaysia's brightest talents from different fields featuring in G-Shock 30th Anniversary include tattoo artist and photographer Julian Oh of Reddbullets, multi-disciplinary designer and founder of The Off-Day Irman Hilmi, DJ Eva-T and local band An Honest Mistake. 
Hopefully, that night I did not walk awkwardly on the stage because I was sorta nervous and I didn't get to rehearsal because I was late ish!

Father of G-SHOCK Kikuo Ibe ! 

My eyes look super tired without color contact lenses T_T

My super dope outfit by Lah'Lah'Land 
Here're some awesome shots by Tony Wong.B

Lah'Lah'Land x Yaasui Crew 
From left to the right
Mina (hashtagskl) , Me, Brandon (Yaasui) , Sun and Edward (Lah'Lah'Land), Phil (hashtagskl), Max (Influence), Beeyin(Beeyinalicious), Peashon (Chalkboutique), Griffin (Influence)

So much fun, hopefully there'll be more events coming up like this!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


How many days I didn't update my blog alreaddyyyyyyyyy? My blog it's like getting more and more shitty -_- I spend most of my time in college, work out, hang out and bed time, even though I have time to blog but I'm so lazy to start blogging wtf man. I feel like killing myself after I checked my blog stats, it's like sooooo freaking less like nobody want to read my blog anymore and some might thought I don't blog anymore noooooooooooooooo...... I'm here I'm here. My blog is not dead, I'm back! 

So do you know why I decided to blog today? All thanks to Vivi's magazine Malaysia, I was featured on their blogger spotlight of the month ( November issue ) It motivates me to start blogging again!

And thanks to one of my reader tagged me this picture, I don't even know I was featured on this month!  Get yourself a copy okay! Actually I kinda miss my lavender hair color already o_o * The middle row first picture * so nais.

So what kind of topics do you guys want to see on my blog? I know some of you don't really likey my outfits posts T_T Give me some suggestions!