Saturday, November 9, 2013


How many days I didn't update my blog alreaddyyyyyyyyy? My blog it's like getting more and more shitty -_- I spend most of my time in college, work out, hang out and bed time, even though I have time to blog but I'm so lazy to start blogging wtf man. I feel like killing myself after I checked my blog stats, it's like sooooo freaking less like nobody want to read my blog anymore and some might thought I don't blog anymore noooooooooooooooo...... I'm here I'm here. My blog is not dead, I'm back! 

So do you know why I decided to blog today? All thanks to Vivi's magazine Malaysia, I was featured on their blogger spotlight of the month ( November issue ) It motivates me to start blogging again!

And thanks to one of my reader tagged me this picture, I don't even know I was featured on this month!  Get yourself a copy okay! Actually I kinda miss my lavender hair color already o_o * The middle row first picture * so nais.

So what kind of topics do you guys want to see on my blog? I know some of you don't really likey my outfits posts T_T Give me some suggestions!


  1. U are who u are. Is great to see ur outfit
    a different style attitude :) nice

  2. Makeup tutorials!!

  3. Everything about you! :D