Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Get a Mastercard!

Guess what??!
MasterCard Worldwide is having a new debit card promotion. And do you know what this means? Greater rewards and experiences for us shoppers!

One of the benefits of using a MasterCard Debit: You can go cashless anywhere, anytime.
This is great news for all shopaholics out there. =p so instead of huge wads of cash, I am already convinced that I should own a Debit Mastercard.

Besides that, as a student we shouldn’t overspend. I feel that owning a debit card helps us to have better financial management because it in a way helps track our expenditures. So in that case, our parents too can track what we have spent with our money. In turn, we ourselves will automatically control ourselves for not using so much money hahahaha! This is actually how I save up my money :p 

Another benefit about owning a debit card is that MasterCard Worldwide’s debit card is widely accepted in Malaysia and also at millions of locations worldwide! Including restaurants, hotels and online retailers. So don’t worry if you do not have enough cash overseas! You can just have a swipe or head over to a nearest ATM to withdraw your money.

Psssst.After some research, I’ve also stumbled upon THIS awesome promotion MasterCard is currently having: 

How to register you ask?
Head on over HERE and check it out!


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