Sunday, March 24, 2013


It's Sunday! Time to blog! I want an iPhone 5 badly, I've no idea why my iPhone 4's storage is full right now. I didn't download a lot of apps in my iPhone but it said my storage is full -.- sighhhh.... annndd my stupid home button got problem have to click the assistive touch only work. I really want to change iPhone 5 ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway, today I want to blog about Guilty Crown ! Otaku mood on on! A must watch anime! Sorry for those who don't like anime D: This post might bored you.
This anime isn't new it's from 2011. At first I thought this anime is like some kind of hentai anime because the girl inori wearing a very very sexy outfit, can see her boobies wan Lol Plus, the guy shu took out a huge sword from her body -.- The moment when I watch that part my eyes is like o_o wtf is that?

But after watching a few episodes the storyline getting more and more interesting. I cried when a guy named gai died at 12 episode wtf  I know this is embarrassing to type here but idc it so touchinggggggg T_T .......

Perfect cosplay of guilty crown 

Even the soundtrack of guilty crown so nice!

Okay gonna continue watch the next episode now!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Future Music Festival Asia 2013

Two days of cray cray, finally it's ended. I'm not gonna write so much on this post because I've video to share with you guys!!!!! Taken and edited by myself, I hope you guys will love it :p
But before that, here's my day one look, with my Pinkbrows again!

The girls decided to draw something on the cheek and mine was cross! 
Jumpsuit from Bangkok

Then day two,

Sigh.....This is the shade that I lost at there T_T I just bought it from Bangkok and wore it once only wtf. Freaking damn bad luck......

Top from Bangkok Siam Nightmarket
Shorts from Bangkok Asiatique 
Sandals from Gareth Pugh x Melissa

Awesome weekends

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mango Tango @ Siam Square

What to eat in Bangkok!
For those who love mango you must definitely head over to Mango Tango and have their desserts! One of the best Mango desserts that I've ever had. Although I'm not big fan of mango but this is definitely finger lickin' good. *Argh... I miss this so much*
It located at Siam Square, Soi 5 just right opposite Hokkaido and also next to Novotel Hotel.
Here's an advice before you go there, the best timing to be there is at 6pm-8pm during dinner hour because most of the time you have to queue before you can have it.
Luckily we're lucky that day we don't need to queue, we just walked straight in and had it Nom!

It's just a small mango cafe on the corner side. Look at those stickers so nice right? Everything in Yellow and Black.
They even have their own Mango Tango recycle bag and sensational mango tango dessert – Preserved Fruits which you can pack it back and enjoy it. Hmm... I wonder if I can bring it back to KL hehee.... Should try it next time.

Not too expensive, just nice.

Each of us ordered one. We ordered 4 different kinds of mango dessert, I think mine was the best  x)

Sister's Mango Rhumba

Mine Mango Tango *BEST!*

Miao's Mango Combo

Baby's Mango Sticky Rice
Me want more! I can totally finish it in less than 15 minutes wtf. Plus, I think I can eat two of this.

So yummy I wanna cry.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Hi blog, I'm back ! Sorry for not updating my blog lately because I've been busying with my final assignments. Finally I can have some rest, so damn regretted I didn't manage my time properly. I've been sleeping at 5am these few days and woke up at 7am, all thanks to my lazy mind. Last minute completed all my works ._. wtf  Now just left Typography poster haven't complete yet, I'm still working on it. Luckily, we have to do only one poster for this finale because at first my lecturer wanted us to do two maybe she thinks we don't have time to do that's why she decided to cut down the number. Yay!

So here's my artwork, I picked pop art style

I know you're wondering what's that. The logo I created is a Llama because my previous applied design assignment I've chosen Llama so that's why I have continue use back llama as my logo. FYI, Llama is domesticated South American camelids.
We have to create 6 things for this assignment and I've created a fortune box, namecard, stickers, paper box, t-shirt and also iPhone4 casings but the iPhone 4 casings I haven't receive them yet maybe next week I guess. I've designed four designs, so what do you think?


Next assignment, computer aided design. We have to create our own children storybook, so here's mine!

Cute or not?

Got free sticker somemore ! :p

Eventhough I really like my artwork but all these artwork made me poor. I spent nearly RM150, so freaking much ok. Just a few pieces of paper only fml. 

Anyway, this is just the beginning there're more to go. Haih! Can I just buy a printer machine home.... 
That's all for today, gotta hit the sack!