Sunday, March 24, 2013


It's Sunday! Time to blog! I want an iPhone 5 badly, I've no idea why my iPhone 4's storage is full right now. I didn't download a lot of apps in my iPhone but it said my storage is full -.- sighhhh.... annndd my stupid home button got problem have to click the assistive touch only work. I really want to change iPhone 5 ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway, today I want to blog about Guilty Crown ! Otaku mood on on! A must watch anime! Sorry for those who don't like anime D: This post might bored you.
This anime isn't new it's from 2011. At first I thought this anime is like some kind of hentai anime because the girl inori wearing a very very sexy outfit, can see her boobies wan Lol Plus, the guy shu took out a huge sword from her body -.- The moment when I watch that part my eyes is like o_o wtf is that?

But after watching a few episodes the storyline getting more and more interesting. I cried when a guy named gai died at 12 episode wtf  I know this is embarrassing to type here but idc it so touchinggggggg T_T .......

Perfect cosplay of guilty crown 

Even the soundtrack of guilty crown so nice!

Okay gonna continue watch the next episode now!

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