Friday, August 29, 2014

Never knew dining in the dark felt so good

Restaurant // Dinning in the dark
Venue: 50 Changkat Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Have you ever try dining while being blindfolded? I still remember when I was a kid I tried closing both eyes and walked from living room to my room and I think it was pretty fun. I guess some of you might try that before right? But dining in total darkness was my first time LOL like seriously who will dine in the dark? Will you turn off the lights and have your dinner at home? I guess people won't do that rightttt cause how you gonna enjoy your meal? So I'm really excited when my boyfriend dated me out to have dinner at here for our monthsary heh.

While we're waiting for the waiters to set up our table, we had these pre-dinner sensory games which we have to be blindfolded and fish out paperclips from a cup that contains rice in it. I think I'm pretty good with this game as I took out all 4 paparclips hahah just saying

Then the second one was practicing how to take out the shapes and placing it back because these are the shapes of the bowls look like ( circle, square and octagon ) FYI, phones, cameras, watches are not allow to bring in.

I can honestly say it doesn't make any difference whether your eyes are open or closed because it is seriously pitch black in there, fork is useless when dining in the dark because you can't poke anything with it. Or maybe it's just me? LOL All I do was using my spoon and push all the food into my mouth that's it. I bet we looked like retards during our dinner because we can't see each other and we can do whatever we want to. You can pick your nose and pick your teeth in front of you partner freely. Imagine if they set their cctv as night vision and show us after we finish our meal, that will be so hilarious! 

There're total of four course meal, ( 4 appetizers, 2 soups, 3 main course and 5 desserts ) For me, they were all so good. And if I'm not mistaken they'll change their menu every month. So what I had might not be what you're having if by chance you want to dine here. By the way, all the waiters who are working in the restaurant were blind. I'm truly impressed and respected by what they do, they're inspiring. 

Long black dress // Instagram @cheeky_and_chic
Bag // Zara
Heels // Zara

Ps://  Sadly there's no food pictures this time but this is one of my nicest dining that I had as it's something different :D

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beach Getaway : Boracay

I'm so sorry I didn't let you guys know that I've changed my blog url to, so many people thought I've removed my blog. Oh nuuuu I din't, I still blog. But I feel blessed that people still read my blog even I din't really update.
I've no idea why previously I set my blog link as ash-oh-tonic, it's like so many dash and people will like " WHUT? " totally forget what's your blog url after asking. The dash is like too much and unnecessary right? Please do subscribe me again with my new blog url on your reading list, Thank you so much.

So.... Yeah. Back to topic, today I gonna blog about my boracay trip. Yah, I know right it's like suddenly so many people been to boracay for holiday hah. I guess boracay is one of the hit island this year? I went there for 4 days 3 nights what I can say is not enough time to explore the whole island :( The first and last day totally wasted because it takes 2 days to travel to and fro, it's not like once you have reach the airport you can straight away take boat to the island. At first we thought it was just a short journey from Kalibo airport to boracay island. However, nope! It was a super long journey to reach that place! It took us 3/4 hours? Two and a half hours bus to the jetty, few mins from jetty to hotel. Imagine after 3 hours of flight still have to take all these aiks. I advice you guys not to take 4 days trip it's better to take a week. Humph... I should have stay there for a week!

The total cost for this trip was about malaysia ringgit 5.5k for two person. 3k plus for accommodation and flights then the rest was food and water sports. Worth right? Not too expensive. I'm stayed at The District hotel, one of the best hotel on my first time visiting Boracay. I highly recommend this hotel for couples, families and anyone lol. The hotel is clean, new, good service, great location near to D'mall and near to most of the attractions on Boracay hot spots  I can say, cause it's located between station one and three.

I feel kinda surprised when I first arrived boracay island, because the whole island was surrounded by koreans. It's like I'm in a korea's island instead of a well known tourist spot island LOL you get what I mean? Really, even their menus were translated with hangul and those workers do speak simple korean. They'll greet you with " Annyeonghaseyo " whoever who is asian haha so funny!

Oh, I haven't mention yet. I travelled with my boyfriend hehe incase you guys are wondering who is that guy. Luckily most of the food we had in Boracay was surprisingly good, we looked like we went for a food trip in boracay

Restaurant // Gasthof
Had seafood and pig ribs for dinner after a long journey on the first night. Definitely must order their Gasthof back ribs if you visit Gasthof (Price: PHP 700 for full) One of the best ribs in Boracay

Wet Market // D'Talipapa
A very special market that allow you to buy fresh seafood and have them cooked in nearby restaurants that accept cooking service ( cooking fee is at 140 php/kg ). It's a great experience to visit here but just this once because to be honest it's consider pricey. As in I'm the kind of person who don't go to the market that's why it's really hard for me to bargain with them, I've no idea what's the market price for seafood. I guess the safest way is bargain with them about 30 to 40% lower with the price offer by them 

Sweet and spicy calms , cheese baked lobster and grill squid 

Restaurant // Titos Resto & Grill
If you are looking for Filipino food in the island, you can try Titos. They serve filipino dishes with a modern twist such as from different Filipino favorites and culture cuisine. We wanted to order more food from their menu but at that time we were too full.

Must try their famous Carbonara Pizza one of Titos best sellers and Hunghang chicken

Restaurant // Paupatri 
LOL finally a picture of me and him " Hi! ". Here's another resto that serve delicious Filipino dishes, but it's a bit hard to find it because it's a hidden haven amongst the busy nightlife in station two as it involves traversing an extremely narrow alley and some distance from Boracay's White Way. Oh yah and it's better to come here with a bunch of friends/family because they serve in big portions of food. 

Yup that's all of the dining places we've been. Now, some chill out spots in boracay

Bar // Epic
Definitely a place for those who love to party! Those people with yellow tee were from the pubcrawl, I didn't know what is pubcrawl until that night lol It's actually an activity which you can meet a lot of different people in a single night while going from one bar or “pub” to another, sounds interesting uh

At first we decided to sit outdoor instead of inside because we just want to have wine and chill more than partying but the music was so good inside it tempted us to get in for a while ha! 

Bar // I don't remember the name but it's just right beside our hotel
Hookah at the beach was an amazing experience so chilling and relaxing, I love it. I know hookah isn't good for health but who cares? It's time to get a break YOLO

Hookah with some good music performances

Restaurant & Cafe // Wrap 'n Roll Spider House
We've been here twice, one of my favorite chill out spot among all. It's actually a sushi bar but we didn't try their sushi, we just went here for a cuppa drink and some light desserts

The view is breathtaking as you overlook the ocean, and feel the openness of the resto welcome the air and natural light. I just want to stay here forever 

Their fluffy banana pancake, thumbs up

Snack Bar // Jonah's Fruit Shake 
 After a long day of water sporting, this is like heaven. Healthy and cheap ice blended juice 

Mango fruitshake and Banana milk fruitshake

Cafe // Real Coffee and Tea Cafe
They said this is one of the famous muffin in Boracay, but for me it taste so-so not what I've expected hump... maybe I'm not a big fan of muffins

Calamansi Muffin with Cold Calamansi drink

See I told ya, it's like a food trip right? hah! But I did went for water sporting ok, not only food. All thanks to the shitty weather, we didn't managed to go for cliff jumping and some other water sports. Because it's was pouring everyday booo.

Luckily we managed to sail along the blue sea

No cliff jumping? It's okay, we went for scuba diving. It was my first time diving and I fall in love with it. It was extremely fun! I guess I want to get diving license next time, it's a totally different world in the sea I loving it. 

Did you see a school of fish? 

This picture is to prove that I don't know how to dive hahaha! The tutor dragged me around for the whole time, so funny but I feel bad for him. I think he is madly tired after that dive.

Super awkward hand pose when you don't know how to dive LOL

Last but not least, my OOTD // matching print tops and bottoms for my beachwear look

Palm print top and bottom // Motel Rocks

Yellow tiger print // Bangkok

Swimwear // Triangl

Okay I guess that's all about my boracay trip, I think this is my first longest blog post I've ever blogged. It was a lovely beach getaway with my boyfriend and thank you my love for treating me like a princess

I hope you guys enjoy reading it and find it interesting. I love traveling and hopefully I can travel more to blog about it heh. 

By the way, I'll be going to Korea on September. Do you guys wish to read something like this about my upcoming korea trip? Do let me know! I can't believe I'm going to Korea omg *check one off the bucket list* SO EXCITED

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When there's a need just fix it

Finally my dream has come true, woohoo. I don't need to shade or photoshop my nose anymore and it's so frustrating to edit my photos every time. I realized I've save so much time after getting Skinartesse 3D nose. There's no under knife surgery and it didn't take long time to recover, you can actually see the result immediately. As what I've said last time I really dislike my nose, I would love to have higher nose bridge between my eyes because I have the shortest nose bridge among all my siblings so damn unfair right. I've always felt that my nose is ugly ugh I just have to admit that. I feel lack of confidence with my nose and most of the time I've received some negative comments regarding my nose which makes me even more sad. So I've decided to make my nose more nicer since I've the opportunity to do that. Who doesn't want to improve when they have flaws like I do?

My motive: fix higher nose bridge and smaller nose tip

Here's some before and after photos,

Ta-dah! So much better compare to my pervious nose, look at my nose bridge! That feel when you're searching back your old photos D: *puke*

So for those who are facing the same problem like mine, don't worry! You don't need to go for rhinoplasty, go for Skinartesse 3D nose just like what I've done. The procedure is Dr. Rachel combined thread with filler into the nose which I feel nothing during the progress, cause there's no pain and swelling or bruises after it's done.

Using Boca Thread

The only feeling I had was my nose bridge getting tighter because of the thread which takes a few days to recover. Now I can say goodbye to my shading powder, goodbye photoshop/meituxiuxiu you're now useless to me ha!

If you would like to know more information do go to , FB, instagram @skinartclinic or call +60196211399 / +60328574455 for enquires.

Skin Art Clinic address: D3-G4-8,Publika,Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia