Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When there's a need just fix it

Finally my dream has come true, woohoo. I don't need to shade or photoshop my nose anymore and it's so frustrating to edit my photos every time. I realized I've save so much time after getting Skinartesse 3D nose. There's no under knife surgery and it didn't take long time to recover, you can actually see the result immediately. As what I've said last time I really dislike my nose, I would love to have higher nose bridge between my eyes because I have the shortest nose bridge among all my siblings so damn unfair right. I've always felt that my nose is ugly ugh I just have to admit that. I feel lack of confidence with my nose and most of the time I've received some negative comments regarding my nose which makes me even more sad. So I've decided to make my nose more nicer since I've the opportunity to do that. Who doesn't want to improve when they have flaws like I do?

My motive: fix higher nose bridge and smaller nose tip

Here's some before and after photos,

Ta-dah! So much better compare to my pervious nose, look at my nose bridge! That feel when you're searching back your old photos D: *puke*

So for those who are facing the same problem like mine, don't worry! You don't need to go for rhinoplasty, go for Skinartesse 3D nose just like what I've done. The procedure is Dr. Rachel combined thread with filler into the nose which I feel nothing during the progress, cause there's no pain and swelling or bruises after it's done.

Using Boca Thread

The only feeling I had was my nose bridge getting tighter because of the thread which takes a few days to recover. Now I can say goodbye to my shading powder, goodbye photoshop/meituxiuxiu you're now useless to me ha!

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