Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Maybe some of you might think something is different from the way I look but I guess most of you didn't notice what is that right? Heheee... I did eyebrow embroidery last few days ago at my sister's friend shop. The reason why I decided to do eyebrow embroidery is because even though it costed me so much but I feel it's totally worth as it save up my time which I don't need to wake up an hour earlier before I head to college or whenever I go out as I don't need to draw eyebrows anymore yay!
So far I think this is the most expensive treatment I've paid for face lol, RM900 for an eyebrow embroidery and it can last for a year plus.
Seriously after this, I need to start saving money for my next trip to Japan alreadyyyyy. Don't want to spend so much money on buying stuff anymore until I go to Japan T_T

By the way, so fast it's already November omggggg. So many things happened these past few months but I believe everything will be fine after this crazy year!

Outfit of the day,

Singlet // Boy London x Long Clothing
Transparent Choker // WloveC
BELIEVER net shirt // Liv-berty
Net leggings // Topshop
Sneakers // Unif


  1. Hi. May I know where you got your embroidery done? Is it Dr Rachel's clinic? Thanks so much.

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