Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It's Christmas Eve! Where you guys going later? Ah, Mr. Sorethroat and Mr.Headache came to visit me today. Feeling poorly T_T Why both of you came today?! Totally ruined my day makes me feel like don't want to go out already sooo sickkkkkkkkkkk... ishhhh How I wish I'm at HongKong/Japan/Taiwan right now celebrating Christmas Eve it will be so much fun I guess? I'm bored of celebrating Christmas Eve over here, nothing special just a simple dinner that's all lol. Perhaps I should plan that next year!

Anyway, here's a quick ootd update before I go to rest and see whether I'm feeling much better or not later. If no I have to stay at home tonight :(

Hockey Long Sleeve // Fuxury
Purple checked Long Sleeve // HellzBellz
Worship Choker // Os Accessories @lahlahlandkl
Purple Boots // Dr.Martens
Snapback // Fuxury
Bag // Zara


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