Thursday, January 2, 2014


Congratz to my homies, Yaasui is officially 1 year old! Last Saturday, Yaasui 1st Anniversary party was held at FrangiPani@Changkat. Finally a bigger and better place to celebrate than the previous venue. This time the theme was Harajuku, I guess most of you've seen before Harajuku fashion right? Harajuku fashion is about fun, Decora, Goth-Loli, Cyber-Punk, Mori Girl.... But I don't think much people can carry off Harajuku fashion in Malaysia because it's really hard to dress up like that over here, people will think that's "LALA" not Harajuku fashion so sad right? So I think Yaasui did a great job on setting the theme as Harajuku fashion, everyone have a chance to dress up as crazy as you can just like how the japs. So fun and cool.

I'm Bone Girl!

Yup, that's me. 
It's an honour to be one of the model for InFLUENCE SS14 that night! 

I think I look super cool with this outfit but it's really hard to walk with that headgear. 

I decided to change back to my Bone Girl outfit because I didn't know I can actually wear their outfit for the night but I've already borrowed the bones soooo...yea.

The DJs

One of my korean bestie! 

Sun with her super colorful outfit!

With Rubygloom, She is one of the fashion blogger from HongKong! 

With Sara, Liv-berty brand owner from Thailand! Glad to meet both of them!

My Minvs partner ! 

Both of them so cuteeeeee!

My outfit of the day,

Os Accessories // LahLahland
Minvs // LahLahland
Skirt // Topshop
Shoes // LahLahland

Thank you LahLahland for lending me their dope stuffs! Os Accessories and the super cool shoes!


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