Sunday, September 8, 2013


What an unlucky day, I fell down and it hurts. It was raining and the floor was super duper wet. Thank god it wasn't a terrible fall just that my butt hurts and a huge bruise on my right arm T_T luckily nobody saw it if not I feel like killing myself at that moment lol. Anyway, there's good news! From today onwards, I'm officially on sembreak for a month!! Awessoommmmeeeee..... Finally get to have some rest. Can't wait to go to Singapore for Big Bang mini concert and also Bangkok trip!

Today fashion post is about bangkok based streetwear clothing : Liv-berty! So what's Liv-berty means?
 Liv-berty is Living+Liberty! Founded in 2011 made in Bangkok. Not really much people know this brand because right now only Lahlahland in Malaysia brought in their stuffs other than that you can get it from their online shop or other countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong. Their latest collection called EQUILIBRIUM 2013-2014. It's more into Black and White. Fun and Free easy to match. Besides that most of their products are unisex and handmade. Even PEARYPIE wear their stuffs awwww....

Both of us wearing BLACK SANCTUARY CROSS TEE from their latest collection

And also Evil Teeth Necklace ( Darkest Before Dawn)
Btw both of our caps are from OS Accessories. I'm wearing aquademon cap and Sun is wearing seacage cap.

We're like a good vs bad kind of feeling hahaha!

Fyi, outfits styled by Lahlahland 
Check out Liv-berty facebook for more info!

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