Monday, August 5, 2013


Ola! Check out my new hair color yo! So what do you think? Does it suit me? LOL. I think it's about one year plus I didn't dye my hair to any dark color? Kinda not used to it. Some say they prefer bright color hair more than this T_T But it's too late to say that causeeeeeeee I don't want to bleach my hair again, so pain and damage but if only bleach the bottom part that will be fine.
Anyway, for me I really like my current hair color makes me look so much mature :x I think my dad will be so happy when he sees me because he don't really like funky hair color haha.
So as usual my hair was dyed by Yoshi from number76style, Bangsar branch. If you like my hair color you can show him my picture and ask him to dye the same thing like mine, because I don't know what color is this. A little grey, dark brown and dark green O_O

After dyed, we went to Tous Les Jours which located the same building as number76style at the ground floor. It's a korean bakery!

Last but not least, my ootd!

One of my current favorite tee from SHAUN BASS " Destroy Culture ". The designer of Long Clothing. He is an inspiring Dj and designer based in london.

Abort Simpsons XXL "GREEN TIE DYE" tee // Can get it from LahLahLand
Purple Dr. Martens // present from babe Evangeline(duogigs) and Nick
Uniqlo socks


  1. Hi ash! You look so pretty in this colour. Btw , I wonder you get sponsored or you pay it for dyeing your hair cuz you always change hair colour ! :p haha

  2. Agreed with you but not fully as there are many other companies claiming to offer best intimate wash in india. Everyone has different skin so its good to try them also.