Sunday, August 18, 2013


Hello readers! I'm back! Thank you for those who joined Kakao Talk live chat session with me last week, it was awesome. Many of you asked me why I didn't update my blog ? Where I go? What am I busying lately? I feel so touched when you guys asked that, I didn't know you all read my blog everyday T_T I thought nobody want to read my crap blog so I don't need to update lol.
So recently, I was busying with my final assignments and hanging out with my sister and friends. Ah, I feel so bad for not updating anything on my blog even though I have time to blog at night. Okay, I should definitely stick back to my blog life and share everything I do and my outfits besides of posting pictures on instagram to let you all know.

Last night I went to YaaSui party but the pictures are not with me right now so I'll blog it next time once I get it. You guys will totally freak out when you see my dress up, cause it's super crazy.
Anyway, today I want to share with you guys my full grey & white outfit. No idea what style is this actually but I'll named it as HH (Hiphop) style LOL.

I didn't know two pieces of crop top wear it together it actually look pretty good! Both crop tops are from Topshop. Matched with grey shorts and grey color beanie.

Crop tops // Topshop
Grey short // Uniqlo men's
Bag // Zara
Necklace // Bangkok
Grey Beanie // COMME des FUCKDOWN@SSUR
Shoes // House of Holland x Superga

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