Thursday, August 22, 2013

KARL ALLEY Original Hardware // OOTD

Feeling depressed, I've to redo my magazine and reprint again. It cost me freaking Rm50 for that printing shitz, sigh. I have absolutely NO motivation to do it again. Lack of ideas.... Why am I so not into my studies anymore T_T HAIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Anyway, today I'm gonna blog about what I recently love to wear !

Layered clothing, an oversized tee with a black long sleeve shirt inside. And match with a skirt-shorts.
I know some of you will like ewwwww..... skirt-shorts? But for me, I think it's pretty cool and unique.
I love to wear something different and I know some of you might not like my style but ain't nobody gonna stop me from that :) We only live once, dare to wear. People judge you because they're jealous.

Skirt-shorts // LahlahlandKL
Camouflage Joyrich x Chocomoo tee // Joyrich Tokyo
Black long sleeve shirt // Mango
UNIF Koop Spiked Denim Flatform-Sneaker // Candyfaketokyo
(definitely one of the best stuff I bought in Japan)

And check out my new snapback from Lahlahland
Vogue // KARL ALLEY Original Hardware  
Mad love it design although it's simple, but the metal plate Vogue definitely attractive. It's easy to match and make every outfit more cool and stylish. Do check out Karl Alley's snapbacks! Ahhhh, I should totally get a few more snapbacks especially the special editions! 

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