Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cafe hunting in Seoul, Part 1

If you've been following me on instagram, am sure you'll know that I'm a cafe hunter. I love to spend my time in a cafe and enjoy all kinds of good drinks and desserts. I have always heard a lot about the cafe scene in Seoul and yes, this trip has proven this capital city has a lot of unique concepts, awesome interior designs and refreshing menus that you've never thought of. There are so many goods cafes in Seoul and there are a lot more I haven't visit. Here are some of the cafes I've visited during my two weeks holiday in Seoul, 

Cafe // Cats Living 
Venue // Hongdae (Hongik University) Subway Exit 9, 홍대
Price range // 5,000 krw - 8,000 krw

I have been wanting to visit a cat's cafe for a long time and finally I did. I love cats because they are very adorable and fluffy, I really wish I could rear one but my mom doesn't allow me to because she don't like cats sigh. However, this is why cat cafes exist am I right? For those who like cats but can't rear it at home could just head over to the cat cafe and play with them. The fee is 8,000 krw with a free drink, you can either choose coffee or tea.
I know one of the things you might be concern about when you first enter the cafe is the smell of the cat urine would be horrendous, but it's really not. They do a great job of ventilating and keeping all the kitty "potties" behind doors. Actually I'm quite disappointed when I visit the cafe because most of the cats were sleeping when we arrived. They were so tired and don't give a shit while I was trying to play with them with their toys, meh. I guess 6pm is not the right time to visit.

Cat: uhmm... Zzzzz
Cat: so sleepy meowz
Cat: What? I don't give a shit meow
Cat: Hey you, don't touch me I'm tryna sleep meow

Dessert cafe // Milkcow
Venue // Gangnam, 홍대 
Price range // 4,500 krw - 5,000 krw

The soft-serve craze has swept across Seoul, an ice cream topped with honey comb and served in a cone or a cup, is one of the popular dessert in downtown Seoul.
Have you heard of Milkcow before? I bet you did because lately the first branch of Milkcow in Malaysia has been launched in Mid Valley and I heard the queue is crayyyy. But I haven't try it yet, I hope it's good as Seoul's.

You guys should try their Snow drop and macao dream, their macaroons is really damn good especially green tea flavour.

Cookie Shop // Ben's Cookies
Venue // Gangnam, 홍대 
Price range // 3,000 krw - 23,000 krw

I'm think I'm gonna ditch famous amos cookies after having ben's cookies. Seriously this is one of  the best cookie I had. Freshly baked Ben’s Cookies is huge, chunky, soft, buttery with a wide range of flavours. Ben's cookies is a chain of cookie shops in England founded in 1984 by Helge Rubinstein and currently they have ten UK stores, six stores in South Korea, three stores in Saudi Arabia, two stores in Dubai, one store in Kuwait and one store in Singapore. Too bad they don't have it in Malaysia :( 
They sell them by weight, usually around 3,000 krw per cookie and they also set boxes of cookies, 7 for 20,000 krw.

Coffee shop // Milestone Coffee Roasters
Venue //  Shinsa-dong, 홍대 
Price range // 3,000 krw - 15,000 krw

Please try their Passionfruit Mojito if you visit, this is the real deal. They really put passionfruit into the drink not like what we usually had in some other cafes which they use passionfruit syrup only. I wish I could have this right now. Sadly, I didn't try any of their coffees because I was not in a mood to have a coffee that day but I heard their coffee is damn good, I'll definitely come back on the next visit.

Churro shop // Churro 101
Venue // Gourmet 494, 갤러리아 
Price range // 5,000 krw - 23,000 krw

Churro 101 is a specialty store for original Spanish churros. In Spain, the way people eat churros is by dipping them into a hot, dark chocolate. Just like its slogan, " Churro 101 is better than a boyfriend," you will be able to experience something sweeter than your boyfriend and well I have to agree that the churros is really delicious but my bf is also sweet sometimes, so can't really compare. They offers churros right on the spot, so that you can taste sweet, warm churros right away. It taste crispy and chewy at the same time. I wonder if the original spanish churros taste the same like this or even more awesome? I really want to try because my bf said he had the best churros in spain and no other churros can beat 'em.  

Cafe // Cafe Dudart
Venue // Apgujeong-dong, 압구정동
Price range // 5,000 krw - 23,000 krw

This is for all the Jay Park's fans! Jay Park the boss of hip-hop agency AOMG Movement's premium bakery cafe in Seoul.

Grapefruit Bingsu

Coffee shop // Hollys Coffee 할리스 커피
Venue // Nearby Olympic park 
Price range // 5,000 krw - 15,000 krw

A good place to have breakfast, I like their drinks fruits sparkling grapefuit and whitegrape.

Dessert cafe // Remicone 레미콘
Venue // Shinsa-dong, 신사동 
Price range // 6,000 krw - 10,000 krw

Another popular soft-serve dessert in Seoul

Thunderbomb milk and Macameleon salted caramel

Bakery // Poop bread 똥빵
Venue // Insa-dong, 인사동
Price range // 1,000 krw - 2,000 krw

Super cute korean snack in Insa-dong, poop bread, it's extremely amusing and delicious. Yes that is right, in Korea you can get yummy hot cakes in the shape of poo with different kinds of fillings. This is red beans and walnuts inside.

Cafe // O'Sulloc Tea House
Venue // Gangnam, 강남
Price range // 5,000 krw - 20,000 krw

O’sulloc is a large producer of tea (especially green tea) from Jeju Island. The O’sulloc Tea House is a themed cafe that presents the authentic taste of Korean traditional tea. Specializing in green tea, the cafe also offers a variety of juices, smoothies, and ice cream, many of which are made with green tea as the main ingredient. You can also buy their teas back home but it's not cheap, I did bought a box O’sulloc tea bags and it cost me about RM100! Just for 24 packets of tea bags if I'm not mistaken ohgod so expensive right? Many koreans said they marked up the prices too high so it's not worth to buy.

Green tea latte with green tea ice-cream and green tea swiss roll cake, best combination!

Okay, there's too many pictures in this post I guess I'll put the rest of the pictures in the next blog post so stay tuned!


  1. hello! can you tell me the directions to jay park's cafe please? :)

  2. hello! can you tell me the directions to jay park's cafe please? :)

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