Friday, December 5, 2014

Oversea Studies in New Zealand?

I always like experiencing different cultures of different countries, hence I’ve travelled to Korea, Japan, Bangkok and other countries. (Travel photos to be inserted) But to truly experience a country sometimes it takes longer time than a short trip that's why I’ve always thought those who study aboard are lucky. I’ve actually thought of studying aboard and New Zealand is one of my shortlisted countries right now. As you all know how much I wanted to study abroad, so I really like collecting information on studying abroad.

All because of after watching this video, It makes me feel like studying in New Zealand. I hope to live a more productive and positive lifestyle everyday just like her.

From what I know about New Zealand, New Zealand is famous for its amazing scenery, a great country, a fun place to visit and a superb study destination. From the rugged mountains to the sandy beaches New Zealand is a land of great variety. Although New Zealand has a population of only 4.3 million and is similar in geographical size to the U.K. and Japan, its breathtaking scenery sets it apart from the rest of the world. 

It feels so surreal with all these surrounding me. And compare to Malaysia, NZ’s air is 10x fresher LOL 

New Zealand offers exciting landscape and recreational opportunities as well as great outdoors to treasure. 

It also offers a safe learning environment which provides excellent study opportunities and support services for international students. New Zealand ranked 4th place in 2014’s Global Peace Index, which, in another word, making New Zealand the 4th safest country in the world to live in. This is of course very important for international students, especially girls, because what is more important than being safe in foreign land? Parents would also be more assured in sending their kids over to study. 

Sounds so tempting right? Although I really want to study aboard but I know I can’t because I have other plans ( obviously no money haha )

However, for those who are interested in experiencing NZ while studying, head over to Education NZ page for more info.

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