Sunday, November 30, 2014

Trip to Korea, what to eat in Seoul?

Hai everybodeh,
TIME is passing by way too fast, way too fast... I can't believe my two weeks of holiday in Seoul just ended like that, so freaking fast! I miss Seoul, I miss having kimchi and rice as breakfast, I miss Seoul's food, I miss staying with Lisa I miss walking around in Hongdae, Myeongdong, Garosu-gil, Itaewon and other places ugh. Now back to reality, I've been spending too much this year and seriously I have to start saving money. This year I really travelled a lot but I'm really happy I made it to Korea, traveling to Seoul is one of my dream. Finally one ticked off my bucket list and now I'm targeting to the US and the UK heh.

So, people been asking me questions about my Seoul trip, such as where did I stayed in Seoul for the past weeks, where to eat, where to shop, what I've bought and so on... Well, here's all the answers! Accommodation: I've been staying at Lisa's place for the weeks and because of her I've saved so much money on this trip. For those who asked me where to stay in Seoul, I'm so sorry I couldn't give you any tips about the hotels as I've said, I crash in my girlfriend's place  :(
Flight: to-and-fro air ticket for RM550, I know right it's so damn cheap. We get to booked the promotion flights to Korea although we bought it quite last minute tho. Lucky us
Food/Transportation: about RM2k? I spent quite a lot on food and desserts but I don't even bother how much it cost because they looked so yummy I just can't resist.
Shopping: spent RM1.5k? Not gonna tell you what I've bought, because I want to write about it on the next blog post heh.

For now, let's begin with " What to eat in Seoul for lunch or dinner"

Restaurant // 천호 in the kitchen
Venue // Cheonho-dong, 서울특별시 강동구 천호동 454 - 15. 2F
Price range // 12,900 krw - 18,900 krw 

Had italian food for dinner after a long journey on the first night. I know right, why italian? Cause Lisa's place is located around that area so we didn't want to go somewhere far since we're so exhausted. I can say this is one of my favorite restaurant in seoul, it was damn good.

 Beef steak and seafood spaghetti with tomatoes sauce

What's captured seems like an usual meal but it's actually pretty big portions as you can see from this picture above and also they named themselves as a family restaurant which all their dishes are specially cooked in big portions. It's better to come with a big group because it's really big portion, even though me and Lisa were so hungry but we still can't finish 'em up.

Restaurant // Myth Jokbal 미쓰족발
Venue // Hongdae , 홍대
Price range // 25,000 krw - 36,000 krw 

If you don’t know what jokbal is, it’s basically a korean dish consisting of pigs' feet cooked with soy sauce and spices for a long time till it get tender and it is usually served in dark braising liquid, made from soy, ginger, garlic, rice wine. To be honest I don't eat pig's feet at all because I think it's very eww disgusting but since I'm in Korea I decided to give it a try and I pretty like it. Lisa said jokbal is one of the food I have to try in Korea and this restaurant is one of the popular jokbal restaurant in Seoul which there are people queueing up outside of the restaurant everyday. No joke, I'm one of them lol I did queued for it and I'm glad I did because it was so yummy.

Restaurant // 치르치르(Chir Chir) Fusion Chicken Factory
Venue // Myeongdong, 명동
Price range // 15,900 krw - 36,000 krw 

Nomming fried chickens with drinking beers is one of the popular thing to do in korea night life. Chir Chir Chicken is extremely popular for those who are drinkers in korea but compare to malaysia we either drink in mamak or bar/pub lol so much different. How I wish we have Chir Chir in Malaysia, I love their environment and food :( They are open till 3am everyday and they serve all kinds of italian dishes with fried chickens such as spaghetti and pizza.

Super cute tongs
Boneless fried chicken with pasta cream cheese sauce and spicy fried chicken with almonds and crispy rice

Restaurant // James grilled back ribs with cheese 제임스치즈등갈비
Venue // Hongdae, 홍대
Price range // 2,000 krw - 18,000 krw 

One of the latest food trend you must try in Seoul, Spicy cheese grilled back ribs! That's like taking some grilled back ribs that have been coated in a spicy flavor and then dip them in a bed of cheese, nyum. You can choose the spicy level according to your own favor, there are 3 spicy levels, which are mild, spicy and very spicy. I suggest you guys to order either mild or spicy because it was so spicy even though we ordered mild and luckily there's cheese to helps us tone down the fire in our mouth. It was so damn spicy but I just can't stop eating it lol.

Restaurant // Gilbert's Burger & fries,
Venue // Shinsa-dong, 강남구 신사동 545-3
Price range // 5,000 krw - 15,000 krw

One of the best burger I had in Seoul and I'll definitely come back for it, it's something like the one I had in Tokyo's which called the great burger. These two are the best burgers I had so far, no other burgers can compare to them. 

Mario Burger

Restaurant // Doni Babsang 도니밥상
Venue // Gang Dong Yeok number 3 exit, 강동역
Price range // 5,000 krw - 30,000 krw

What else have to eat in Seoul? Of course Korean Barbecue jjang!

Restaurant // Les deux plats 레뒤플라
Venue // Itaewon, 이태원동
Price range // 5,000 krw - 20,000 krw

When the first time I came to Itaewon, I feel like I'm not in Korea because there are way too many foreigners in the area. I can say 7 out of 10 is foriengers? I guess Itaewon is one of the favourite Seoul location for foreigners because of all the Western food establishments, bars, and stores which make the place not so korean.
“Les Deux Plats” is a three floors french restaurant with a heavy Italian influence. We decided to dine in at their rooftop terrace and we throughly enjoyed our meal, love the atmosphere.

Restaurant // Oven baked & roasted chicken 건대 오빠닭
Venue // Konkuk university station, 건대입구역
Price range // 5,000 krw - 20,000 krw

Another latest food trend you must try in Seoul, ice-cream salad with sweet chilies crispy baked chicken! I know it sounds like a weird food combination right? But it's damn good, believe me you must try! 

 That's all for today. Next will be cafes and desserts!