Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cafe hunting in Seoul, Part 2

Cafe // 5cijung 오시정
Venue // Garosugil 까페오시정
Price range // 5,000 krw - 35,000 krw

5cijung is a small and cozy cafe that is located a little bit tucked away in the side-streets Garosugil, so  make sure you use your google map to search for the location first. The name of "5cijung" means "Heart of writing five poems." You can find many other branches of "5cijung Cafe" all over Seoul. One of the things that makes this cafe popular, are the cute ornaments that displayed on the trays together with the food and drinks which is worth experiencing. The whole concept and idea gave me a very comfy feeling while I'm having my little tea time in the cafe.

We ordered grapefruitade and lemonade which is the perfect drinks after a long day walk. And every drinks come with complementary buttery and crisp homemade scones. These homemade scones are simply heavenly, along with butter and apple custard sauce. Definitely a perfect place to have a drink with your girls. Believe me, their drinks are to die for!

Ice-cream // Bastille 바스티유
Venue // Itaewon 이태원
Price range // 3,000 krw - 6,000 krw

Breakfast for dessert? They advertise themselves as a cereal bar which is so much different from a real cereal bar as you can see, they're cereal-infused soft serve and shakes. How I wish I could have these as breakfast everyday. Currently they're selling soft serve and milkshakes infused with corn, cinnamon and chocolate-flavored cereals. Corn cereal-flavored ice cream is buttery and nutty and sweet all at once. Cinnamon cereal soft serve is creamy and subtly nuanced with spices, while chocolate rice cereal tastes like glazed grain puffs coated in chocolate. 

While the soft serve tastes fine on its own, the four topping combinations on the menu definitely elevate the experience. Christened American, French, Italian and New Zealand Breakfast, the four morning-for-dessert pairings range from bacon and maple syrup to Italian macaroons and raw Bolivian cane sugar. And for the shakes, I haven't try yet but I'm sure I will try it next time.

Love the entire concept, a subtle prison-like concept complete with a black and white color scheme and striped accents. Minimal yet cozy.

Look so good with the vapor rise up around the ice cream cup. Such a brilliant idea of putting dry ice in the cup, not just for the visual effect the soft serve doesn't melt quickly too, smart!

Cafe // Cafe Mamas
Venue // City hall
Price range // 3,000 krw - 30,000 krw

A perfect place to have brunch with friends that serves great sandwiches, salads and fresh juices. Since Korea has a culture of shared meals, each dish is made to be easily split among friends because they serves quite a big portion. If you’re looking for a great Western-style salad or panini in Seoul, Cafe Mamas is the perfect place to go. 

Ordered their signature sandwich, salad and fresh fruit juices. Omm nom nom!

Look at that cream cheese with raisins and nuts! Miss it! 

Cafe // Bee Honey 비허니
Venue // Konkuk university station, 건대입구역
Price range // 3,000 krw - 6,000 krw

One of the latest dessert trend you must try in Seoul, Macaroon ice-cream. Not what I've expected but worth to try. Maybe because of the ice-cream's texture, I don't really like it as it tastes more like a shaved ice. 

Cafe // Conco Acai
Venue // Sinsadong 신사동
Price range // 3,000 krw - 12,500 krw

Have you heard of acaí berry? Acaí berry is an inch-long, reddish-purple fruit that comes from the acaí palm tree which can be found in Central and South America. Also, it has been gaining traction amongst the health-conscious community as a nutritious fruit and also known as a source of antioxidants, fiber and heart-healthy fats which is good for one’s skin and health. 
Conco acaí offers acaí bowl which is a cup of acaí berry smoothie topped with various fruits and granola. It became really popular recently due to its low calories and various health benefits in Seoul. So far I haven’t seen a similar concept in Malaysia. However, this trendy acaí is more commonly found in Los Angeles, Hawaii and New York.

This smoothie bowl, consisting of wholesome ingredients such as fresh fruit, granola, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, goji berries, cereals, chia seeds, raw bee pollen and mint, such a refreshing summer treat. I think I can eat this all day err day! But I think some of you might not like the taste of the acaí bowl because the taste of the açaí berry smoothie is very strong and the smoothie is very thick with all the fruits mixed together. However, you can try cause it's hella healthy!

Well, that's all for my cafe hunting in Seoul. I'm sure I'll make another trip to Seoul again! 

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