Monday, July 29, 2013


Opsy, my blog title sounds so rude :p I guess some of you might have seen this tee or hat before which because quite a few celebrities had worn these. Such as, Rihanna and many of the YGfamily's members. 

So here's a short introduction of the brand " Fresh I Am " for those who don't know anything about it.
 Fresh I Am is a multifaceted brand that brings together art, fashion, music, and culture by two talented individuals Oni Espada and Tunde Ogunnoiki from Atlanta. 
This FUKK hat was originally released 4 years ago as part of their State of Mind collection, but surprisingly their FUKK hat has gained so much attention that its hashtag has been banned from instagram, multiple images of it have been tumbled and when you search "FUKK" in google you actually get the FUKK image from the original look book instead of porn... With all of that being said, STATE OF MIND was the base of the idea, The FUKK COLLECTION is the creation of a world // from 
Interesting huh?
(some people might think the word FUKK is a typo hahaha)

What I think about this design is although it's just a simple FUKK typography design but it looks really attractive. Oh fyi, this is a oversized tee. I know some of you might not dare to buy it because it looks super big but for me I think it's looks more cool. stylo and comfy too. I totally in love with oversized tee. Trust me, you guys should try it and you'll love it! I'm wearing a M size instead of S size.

The FUKK hat cutting is something like a sport cap unlike those new era snapbacks. 
Both items are available in LahLahLand, do check 'em out! It cost about RM200 plus for the tee and also for hat.

I matched 'em with a white long sleeve crop top//from Topshop inside and a pair of Nike AJ-sc1. And also, red lips to match my sneakers.

So what do you guys think of my outfit? Yay or nay :x


  1. Look great but abit to much lol hahaxD. ... as long as u Happy. ...

  2. I come from hk...this fukk tee and fukk hat are so nice,Where can i get this?
    My Facebook:ckm miko