Monday, July 15, 2013

DisneySea, Tokyo

No idea where to start, sooooo many pictures I've taken that day.
I was pretty upset in the morning before heading to DisneySea because my camera spoiled due to the memory card problem T_T This shitz totally ruined my morning, you know? Luckily I've a smart sister lol, she brought her camera along if not we might not have any pictures to blogggg phew~ ( normally we bring out one camera only.)

There's Disneyland and Disney Sea in Japan but we can only pick one to go because the tickets isn't cheapzz it's about RM180 for one day pass. And also, we need to save up money for shopping since it's just our second day in japan :p
So, we picked Disney Sea instead of Disneyland because Disney Sea is more suitable for adults as the rides are a lot crazier and all of us love crazy rides! Something like Universal Studio@Singapore but Disney Sea is 10x bigger than USS!!

The malaysian girls!
Say hi to my friend Froggy which on the right side! She is currently living in Japan and I know her through internet. She's one of my sweetest reader <3

Gloomy Disney Sea! Feel so cold and windy, luckily I wore jacket that day! Dumb Dumb Daphne thought that day will be sunny that's why she didn't brought any jackets to Japan but we've already warned her the week we going is rainy season D: I guess she forgot
We were kinda regretted to go Disney Sea at such an early hour because we were so tired and we didn't get to catch the fireworks performance T_T Wasted. I've heard people say that's the best part of Disney Sea.

Hello, you is chip or dale?

Boy with cute headgear is cute!
I realized most of the people in Disney Sea were Japanese students! I don't know is it they skipped their class or they like to wear school uniforms to Disney Sea. I guess here is a great place to chill with friends after class! How I wish we have this in Malaysia LOL.

See the name also know it's scary. It's something like turbo drop (跳楼机)but indoor wan. BESSTTT RIDEE EVER

There're fast pass machines on every rides, so don't forget to look for it! The time written there is to let you know when you need to go back there and use this fast pass so that you don't need to queue for the ride! Awesome huhhhh!

Look at our faces HAHAHAH! Priceless. 

Second! RAGING SPIRITS Roller Coaster! 360 degree loop!

We're READYYYYYY! Should take the ride twice because it's a short ride. Not enoughhh for us!

Third, water-themed amusement park! I guess all of you will know this theme represent which disney character! A very cool indoor area called Triton’s Kingdom that was designed and look like you were under the sea.....

And YUP! That's the answer ! 

After that, we went to have lunch at Vulcania somewhere nearby the volcano! The one you've seen on the third picture (above), we went so far alreadyyyyy...

All of us had Kiddy meals! So yummy can die lol

Ok, we didn't take the ride because raining heavily wtf. Feel like killing myself when Froggy told us we have to wait until the rain stop only we can take the ride TAT doublewasted.

Thought want to get this because it's raining, but so expensiveeeeeeeeeeee 

Fifth, TOY STORY MANIA! My favorite

Last but not least, DUFFFYYYYYYYYYYYYY. At first, I thought these two duffys is for display then Froggy told me that's not. People actually brought their own duffys for photoshooting in Disney Sea O_O, this is one of the photo zone.

x10000000 regretted for not buying one home!

Our super cute headgears!

My Funky OOTD:

Jacket, #Bangkok
Crop Top, #TOPSHOP
Comfy Shorts, #H&M
Backpack, #TOPSHOP gift from Duogigs 
(Kinda too much but I've only brought this backpack to Japan)
Socks, #UNIQLO
Sneakers, #CDG PLAY X Jack Purcell

Eye makeup

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