Thursday, July 18, 2013


So many assignment to do, I feel like putting my assignments away and go back to Macau TAT. I miss this place so much, so relaxing! Three days two nights in Macau iz not enough! ( first time using iz instead of is that I've learnt from my sister LOL so 38)
Now I'm kinda miss my purple hair alreaddyyyyyy cause my purple color totally faded. So I was wondering should I dye back purple or dye something new? Such as dark brown/black :o Any suggestions? But many people say if I dye black I'll look like a kid and I'm not white enough gah.

Our awesome hotel lobby! Me and my sister waited about an hour just to take pictures with them wtf. But worth lah, people pay money to visit universal studio and take pictures with them. WE FREE WAN.

The Shrek family!

I look like I'm very excited to meet Kung Fu Panda but actually I'm not, he don't want to hug me that's why I smiled like that lol

Finally he hugged me but the picture blurred zzzzz


My sporty camo OOTD,

Badman Cap, #AZS
Ghostbusters Camo Print Tee, #JOYRICH x CHOCOMOO
Leather Shorts, #NAKEDKIMCHI
Yin-Yang Socks, #LAHLAHLAND
Sneakers, #NIKE AJ SC-1
Bag, #ZARA
Cross Choker, #WELOVEWC

Must watch " The House of Dancing Water " if you're going to Macau! Highly recommend (Y)


  1. I'm also going to Macau this summer and booked the tickets for the water show! Cant wait! Do you have some fave resto's or stores to recommand ? Hihi
    And you should go for totall blond!

  2. You should dye your hair black with purple highlights on the bottom ;)..