Thursday, May 14, 2015

Beauty Products Reviews: ISKIN New York

As we age, we tend to have dry lips and deep wrinkles around the contour of our mouth. It’s every girls worst nightmare which makes us look old and pale.

Introducing my absolute favorite lip care treatment, ISKIN New York Lipaddict anti-aging lip tint that’s not only dermatologist tested, but is specially formulated to give you fuller, younger and more kissable lips with every use.

I’ve been using them for quite awhile now and they became one of my go-to lip care product which I never leave the house without using it.

These are the top 5 key benefits in Lip addict,
1. ANTI-AGING – Improves fine lines & wrinkles – Restores lip firmness & contour – Contains vitamins, anti-aging berries & plant extracts
2. VOLUMIZING- Contain Hyaluronic Acid & organic moisturizing oils to smoothen, soften, moisturize, condition & rejuvenate
3. MOISTURIZING- Up to 80% increase in plumping immediately after application with no pain
4. HEALING- Long-lasting hydration on even the driest and most chapped of lips
5. ENHANCEMENT- Enhances the results of lip injection procedures

So how to apply it?
Easy, for best results apply a generous amount to clean lips and around lip contour using the applicator wand. The plumping process will take effect in 1 minute, you’ll feel your lips are plumper and fuller. Moisturizing benefit can last up to 24 hours which you can either use it alone or even over a lipstick for better pigmentation. Best to use it daily for longer-lasting results or even can apply during bedtime as night treatment. Lipaddict comes in 12 different shades. Choose the one that fits your personality best or buy the entire set so you can switch between shades depending on your mood, believe me you’ll love them.

Now you can achieve younger, sexier and plumped lips instantly without going through any painful injection or under knife surgery.

Before and after application of Lipaddict anti-aging lip tint 205 Sexy Seductress.

-It's not sticky at all
-It has a minty scent
-It keeps my lips moisturized, less lines and cracks for the whole day

Before and after application of Lipaddict anti-aging lip tint 206 pink princess

Now get those sexy, seductive lips that you’ve always wanted heh. Head over to their website, facebook or instagram to purchase. For Singapore and Malaysia consumers is better to email or go to facebook to save on shipping fees as the product ship directly from USA. For other countries you can just directly purchase from their website



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