Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Makeup Remover Reviews: Bifesta

I'm always testing out new products, today I'm talking about my current favourite makeup remover from Bifesta. I'm not sure if you're familiar with this brand but Bifesta have the best makeup removers. Do you know that you should never ever put makeup on your face and sleep with it, it will clog your pores and possibly make you breakout. So removing makeup is a must if you have makeup on no matter how lazy you feel! Always remember to take good care of your skin before it get worse.

Well, these are the awesome Bifesta cleansing lotions I'm talking about. It’s super gentle on the skin and it's a water base lotion that throughly removes make up and dirt in a jiffy. Fantastic on sensitive skin and it refreshes your skin after using it. There are four different types of Bifesta cleansing lotions,
Green color - Sebum: Suitable for oily skin, contains green tea extract to reduce pore size, contains adsorptive hyaluronic acid for moisturizing effect without sticky feeling after use. (I'm using this right now)
Red color - Enrich: Suitable for dry skin, contains coenzyme q10 and ingredients which provides rich moist and leads to sleek, bouncy and elastic skin.
Blue color - Brightup: Suitable for combination skin, contains moisturizing Vitamin C and ingredients which removes dead skin cells and dirt from pores and improve skin clarity. 
White color - Moist: Suitable for normal and dry skin, contains 2 types of moisturizing ingredients for high moisture effect and retain skin moisture.

How to use: wipe off with cotton pads, no need for double cleansing. Yes, NO DOUBLE CLEANSING!

By the way, check out our Bifesta video from GBGTV, I hope you guys will like it and find it funny. Please don't judge me after watching it, it's all daphne's crazy idea hah thanks man. Although I'm still trying to improve my acting skills but I'm quite happy I've done it in just one take without script at all.