Thursday, April 2, 2015

Chipsmore's 25th Birthday

My first ever music video shoot for Chipsmore’s 25th birthday. I was pretty surprised I’ve been chosen to be part of the music video because I’ve no experience on this compared to Brian See, Dennis Yin and Paperplane Pursuit. Oh my… They’re like * Pur-lease easy peasy lemon squeezy * they are damn good in acting. Although I feel kinda awkward but it was a great experience, I had a great time with them. I’m sure after this experience I’ll gain improvement and do better in the future.

I hope you guys will like it, cause I’ve been totally crazy over this song. It has been playing in my mind for the whole day after the shoot. And please share this video out if you like it cause Chipsmore will be giving away awesome prizes to those who wish Chipsmore a Happy Birthday via the hashtag #Chipsmore25 ;)

I know Chipsmore has been in the market for a long time, however I didn’t know that it has been 25 years since Chipsmore has supplied the market with their awesome cookies! Growing up, I’ve always liked Chipsmore – be it when I gather with my friends, watching the tv, chatting sessions with my family members and of course when I am blogging – Chipsmore seems to always be there during all my moments where laughter are filled.

I can also always remember Chipsmore’s advertisement (remember Now You See, Now You Don’t?) – haha that was so funny and I can remember it till today. I think this is also why whenever I think of Chipsmore, I am always happy :). I had a lot of fun when I joined the music video shoot with Dennis Yin and Brian See – because everything in the video is very upbeat.

Haven’t watch the video yet? Here you go!:

Once again, Happy Birthday Chipsmore, 
More Chips, More Fun!


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