Tuesday, July 29, 2014

LLL+ Junkyard Sale

It was my first time selling all my pre-loved items in Sungei Wang 6th floor last friday. What can I say? It was fun! Although there are not really much people came for the junkyard sale but I had so much fun with my girl. Now I realized why people love junkyard sale so much, cause it isn't about the money you've earn that day it was the fun of meeting new people, music, checking out people's pre-loved items, all kind of different styles you will be able to see that night. I don't know why I feel like I'm back into the past during my mom's era which everyone dressed up with vintage outfits and I myself wore a blue bohemian jumpsuit to fit in.

Jumpsuit // Monki
Necklace // by invite only
Flats // Melissa
Backpack // Topshop
Gold watch // Casio

Sorry I've forgotten to take pictures of the place how it looked like so what I can do is describe and you imagine ok? Hah. It's something like during the olden days where people are selling things on the mat.

Since it was my first time visiting LLL+ here's how it looks like inside the place, (Fyi, LLL+ is Lahlahland's second outlet located at 6th floor too @ Sungei Wang Plaza ) 

Love how they display all their stuffs, it's like I'm in japan's candyfaketokyo. We definitely need more kind of shops like this in Malaysia!


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