Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Top 10 things to bring when I’m on a travel job

Hey peeps, I’m finally back in town after two weeks of digital fashion week in Singapore and Bangkok * take a deep breath * I’m so lazy to unpack my stuff and go through all my two-weeks abandoned works now. 

Anyway, today I’m gonna share with you guys what’s my top 10 things I have to bring when I’m on a travel job. There’s quite a number of people been asking me this question and finally I get to answer it. 

1) A credit card incase I did not change enough cash to buy something or eat. 

2) An extension cord or 3-way splitter for my precious gadgets: camera batteries, laptops and cell phones.

3) Toiletries and essential bathroom items

4) My makeup bag 

5) My Laptop, because I need to do my other jobs such as adverts, drafts, edit my pictures with photoshop and also reply emails.

6) My Earphones, I listen to music when I’m waiting I just can’t live without music heh 

7) My Hair curler, every hotel should provide hair curler right? Because I have short hair and I hate it when the bottom of my hair curled out not in that’s why I need a hair curler to save my hair. Nobody wants to have a bad hair day when they’re travelling right? 

8) My Perfumes, as I’m a perfume addict so it’s a must for me to put some fragrance on. 

9) Camera, I need high resolution pictures for my blog and other social platforms. By the way, if you’re curious what camera I’m using right now. It's actually Sony RX100 III

10) Cup noodles. Yup, cup noodles is the first fast food came across my mind when I’m too tired to go out to eat after a long day and it helps me to save up money especially when I’ve jobs in overseas. I don’t want to spend more than I earn LOL 

Here’s an interesting fact of instant noodle that I read from an article, the first instant noodle was considered a luxury item in Japan’s supermarkets although today it's considered a college staple and something you’ll eat if you're broke. Momofuku Ando, the creator of Nissin ramen products, invented "Chicken Ramen," an instant snack that could be eaten easily and anywhere in 1958, when he noticed food was scarce after World War II. But when it arrived on Japanese supermarket shelves, it was seen as a very expensive product since fresh udon noodles sold for one-sixth the cost of "Chicken Ramen."

Mention of instant noodles, I have been a big fan of Mi Sedaap for a long time and it’s one of my favorite instant noodle brand. Finally now they had just launched their first Mi Sedaap cup noodles with 3 new delightful flavours in Malaysia. And I really want you guys to try them cause I really love it. Good food have to be shared right?

 Mi Sedaap Soto- Soto soup is originated from Indonesia and lime juice is added to the soup ingredients to give the soup a fresher taste and fresh smell to the consumers. People who like sour taste will definitely love this.

Mi Sedaap Baso- Baso also known as meatball, is made from good qualities ingredients & nutrious soy bean. Meatball soup serving with its famous springy noodles gives you double sensation of delightful taste enjoyment. It tastes might a little bit strong.

Mi Sedaap Goreng - Its springy noodle with 5 times extra crunchy fried onions make you to enjoy every bite of it. That's why you will hear of kriuk-kriuk sound in your mouth when you bite on it cause its crunchy fried onions. This is my favourite flavour among all.

I guess that’s all for now. How about yours? What’s your top 10 things to bring when you travel?

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