Saturday, April 20, 2013

Minut Init x Pearly Wong F/W 13 Collection Fashion Showcase

Last Saturday it was my big cousin's Pearly Wong F/W 13 Collection Fashion Show. I'm glad that I'm one of the model that day with my sister and the twins!
At the same time I was pretty nervous because it was my first fashion walk. Plus, I've never wear something like these before it's quite interesting! Especially the dress! hahaa.... I can't stop saying about the dress because I don't think I've a chance to wear something like this tho D:

I'm kinda fall in love with dull color right now after that walk, dull color makes people look so cool loljust saying. No wonder, evangeline love to wear black. I know a lot of people've commented our look looks weird/scary but hey, this is a fashion show my big cousin have her own theme for this show and it's unique ok. Try to imagine if every models have their own make up style and hairdo , does that consider as a theme for a designer fashion walk? Zzzzz.....

Anyway, although I did a few mistakes during the show because I walked too fast but I'll try not to do it again if I've another chance. Ah.... I've been doing so much presentations in college but still I'm still afraid of fear, sigh. Once I'm nervous, my mind gone blank and I have no idea what to do next. I guess I've to be more sociable to stop this shitzz.

My big cousin's F/W 13 Collection Fashion Show was held at Minut Init Studio Galleria@Uptown Damansara. You guys can check out her designs at Seethrough Concept Store@Bangsar.

Le twins

Le sister


I love the multiple shot feature of the Galaxy SIII mini! I would never expect that the mini would carry such a feature because not many phones have it. It was so natural at taking all my action and I really like how my photos came out with like multiple shots for every pause! Lol!
BTW! The SIII mini with swing to call feature. It was easy to use! Call come in, swing your phone to your ear AND automatically call! I was busy in my cousin’s fashion showcase and in between tweets, updates, photo uploads, all I had to do was keep swinging my phone to my ear to pick up the calls which was convenient because sometimes you get too busy to reply messages.
Once you get used to doing this, it becomes a must feature in all phones :P

How can I not love this phone? You can check out my previous post about the new Samsung Galaxy Mini S3 or check out more on their site :

I hope I can experience something like this more.

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