Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New year, New skin resolution

I've been going to Dr. Rachel Chew Clinic quite often lately due to my terrible skin I had since my Shanghai trip till now (This is what happened if you're so hardcore on december holidays), was non-stop partying till I've forgotten to take good care of my skin. I was lack of sleep, dehydrated, been drinking all day (alcohol) ... My skin was bad - enough said.
Thankfully my skin got so much better after a few times of Skinartesse Laser and Cinderella treatment. No joke, it brighten up my skin, pimples went away and my skin turned out not so dry. 

Skinartesse Laser combines 5 types of lasers to treat face lightening, scar removal, pore tightening, treat acne, pigmentation problems, etc. There's no downtime for the laser, just a slight pinkish color but it will fade in few hours. Every patient have different kind of treat, minimum 5 to 10 seshs depends on skin condition some laser you have to do once every 2 weeks and some need to come back once a month. Skinartesse Cinderella has the similar function to Skinartesse laser. Under Cinderella treatment, there are cinderella face injection, cinderella stemcell machine, cinderella body injection, cinderella peel etc. Both cinderella and laser treatment works well in treating skin problems. It actually depends on each individual on their acceptability on either laser or injections or machines. Most importantly you have to go over Dr. Rachel Clinic for a face to face consultation, which Dr. Rachel and her nurse will advice you what works best for you and depends on your budget.
Here's my before,

Look at my skin, so dry.
And after,

Head over to for more information.


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