Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Break the code, Petrosains

My first ever treasure hunt experience in Petrosains and ILLUSION was amazing. It’s been ages I haven’t been to Petrosains. I can’t really remember when was the last time I went to Petrosains but I’m pretty sure it was way back with my high schoolmates. After so long finally I get to visit again, everything seems different compared to what I’ve remembered and I gotta say they did a good job of maintaining the entire place cause it still looks new. ILLUSION is a new visiting exhibition that combines science and art to deceive the visitor through optical, perceptual and audio illusions. An example is the virtual barber exhibit you guys must check it out, it’s like getting a victual haircut through audio. Damn cool.

Back to the hunt, it gives me that back-to-school feeling I don't know why. Maybe because we gotta be really careful and concentrate to search for the answers in the centre where all the questions were based on exhibits, you can’t google it. There were a total of 80 students from different local universities participated in the hunt and my team was the only bloggers team from Nuffnang. Anyway, my team nailed it. We got the third place in the hunt, we were damn good in answering questions almost got it all right. Just that we were quite sucky at the eight physical challenges I guess there’s where we lost our marks if not we could have won the first place.

Our first task @ Space.

@Nano Molecule

@ Speed. Got the worst score in this area. Meh

@ Oil Platform

@ Sparkz

 @ Diorama


Besides learning and discovering about science, Petrosains is a cool place to have fun with a bunch of friends! Head over to http://www.petrosains.com.my/ now and plan your visit with you friends. Believe me, you will have so much fun on that day!