Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Body Perfect's Treatments

To be honest I’ve never visited a beauty haven before, all this while the kinda treatment that I went for which makes me feel good was foot and body massage and I thought that was the BEST and now I have to say a one stop beauty haven is genius. I never knew that inside a beauty haven they actually have so many varieties for a girl to not only look good but also can achieve better health! This is my very first time trying out so I was so excited and I’m glad that Body Perfect Ladies Beauty & Slimming Spa invited me to their beauty haven located at The Sphinx, Sunway Pyramid for a pampering experience.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the Operations Manager who consulted me. She told me at Body Perfect they have services ranging from face, body slimming, body beauty & wellness, to bust care, spa and beauty services. All these beauty treatments are combined with advanced technology, superior quality products and skilled curative touch to deliver an experience of luxury and comfort.

The Beauty Professional suggested Body Perfect’s Full Body Detoxification Treatment and Body Perfect’s Essential-Balance Lymphatic Drainage Wellness Therapy after thoroughly understanding my needs and analyzing my body. All I can say is…. Amazing!

There are different benefits for both treatments, let me explain it one by one.
The Body Perfect Full Body Detoxification Treatment is through technological detoxification technique to enhance optimum skin health. It’s good for improving skin immune system and prevents formation of age spots and ageing skin. I was told, some of the customers even brought their kids for this treatment too because it helps to stimulates lymphatic drainage and eliminates trapped toxins from the dermis layer of skin.  

As you can see the left one was mine, they exfoliated my whole body to boosts moisture and also skin brightening. My skin felt so smooth, nourished and fair after this treatment, not joking!

Next, it’s the Body Perfect’s Essential-Balance Lymphatic Drainage Wellness Therapy. It’s a unique therapy designed to revive youthfulness and encourage your body’s natural detoxification. Focusing on lymphatic drainage, it helps to remove waste from your body, hence preventing your lymphatic system from congestion which often is the cause of bloating, arthritis, sore muscles, headaches and more. And it works magically to reverse the effects of ageing and rejuvenate your body to give you a radiant face, loosened stiffness of your body, improved body contours and gives you a boost on your overall health. The main focus was my back because my shoulders were really stiff and sore. Definitely the best body wellness after a long day of work.

At the end I would say it was a great experience, it’s relaxing and rejuvenating and it made me feel like a princess :p. I’ve never knew that going to the beauty haven with top to toe treatments all under one roof was more than just an indulgence; it’s actually good for our health too. Pampering yourself should not be a once a year event. Put at least one day a month on your calendar to pamper yourself. It is an investment in your health and wellness and you’re worth it.

Check out www.bodyperfect.com.my for more information or their facebook www.facebook.com/BodyPerfectMalaysia


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