Monday, July 2, 2012

Adidas Originals Street Style Challenge!

It was 2pm in the afternoon, I was surfing on the net and I found out that Adidas Originals is having a “All Originals, Leave a Legacy” Street Style Challenge. As you know I'm a big fan of Adidas Originals, how can I miss this out! So, I decided to ask my sister to accompany me to Pavilion's Adidas Originals to check out what's this challenge is about. I choosed Pavilion as it is the nearest one between KLCC, Mid Valley and 1Burneo Adidas Originals outlets!

When I reach there, I saw this blue color box at the main entrance of the Adidas Originals store and I walked over to the blue color box and asked the staff what is this about?

He said : this blue color box is a photo stage. For those who are adidas originals fans, you could style up yourself with our adidas originals clothing * means you can borrow it * and snap your best adidas originals look with this photo stage.
Then he said in this challenge your picture that is taken will be uploaded onto the adidas Malaysia Facebook page and it be will vote by netizens to see who has the most originals street style.
And of course, RM15,000 worth of adidas vouchers will be up for grabs for the top 20 best looks with the most ‘likes’ ! Sounds fun huh?

Here's the steps how to participate in this challenge!

Check out the cool ipad! They even have an adidas logo on it! And I've been told that if you have your own Adidas Originals clothing you could actually upload your picture by youself at home even without coming to the any adidas originals outlets!

So what do you think of my adidas originals look? Do remember to vote me up at  here * :p Because I wanna win too hehe!   Hurry up and send your entries too before 25th July 2012 ! 

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