Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I have the habit of listening to music via YouTube while getting ready and watch drama while having my meal. Now I don’t need to be worry if I’ve over my data limits cause U Mobile had just launched their new Video-Onz service, which allows me to enjoy unlimited video streaming for free anywhere, any time of the day. It’s completely free! No joking.
There’s 11 different streaming partners are available to stream with Video-Onz. Such as, YouTube, HyppTV Everywhere, Viu, iflix, Youku Tudou, Astro on the Go, tonton, ErosNow, HeroTalkies, ONFM and Pocketimes. All these will no longer be using your data.
So for those who are on P70, i90 and i130 postpaid plans will enjoy unlimited video streaming for free right now and for other postpaid and broadband customers, they will get extra 100% data for Video-Onz. As for prepaid customers, they will get extra 100% data for Video-Onz if only they purchase of UMI/MB data packages. Example, Subscribers of UMI 30 prepaid plan with 1.5GB will be allocated extra 1.5GB for Video-Onz. On top of that, all UMI customers enjoy free extra 1GB until 30 June 2016.
Besides that, all U Mobile customers get to enjoy 2 months free access at HyppTV. And also, Viu is offering 60 days premium access for free to every U Mobile customers.

So what are you waiting for? Now, Let’s start streaming with U Mobile.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Another part of Disney, DisneySea.

As I’ve mentioned on my previous post, this is my third time visiting Disney Sea. Even though I’ve blogged about it before but this time I wanted to write something different. Here are some tips of how to have the most fun at Disney Sea, according to me.

Go there early. Tokyo Disney Sea opens at 8am and sometimes 9am/10am so make sure you check the park operation calendar from their website before you head over there. Is best to reach there before the gates open, which you get to be the first ones in line to try out their most popular ride first.

Get fast pass (Only certain rides). It helps to skip all the crazy queues from an hour to 10-20mins especially on peak days. Just scan your ticket in the machine and get your fast pass ticket! Remember to keep it properly and make sure you check your time to queue at the fast pass line for your rides.

Queue for Tower of Terror. I’m a big fan of extreme rides and this is a must-ride for those who love a thrill. Be prepared to scream and feel the drop.

Take a relaxing gondola ride at the Venetian.

Eat a heavy breakfast so you have energy for the whole day. My meal at Restaurant Sakura, Japanese cuisine.

Watch “ Come join your friends “ performance at Piazza Topolino (For limited period only: January 12 to April 10, 2016) Gelatoni, the new friend of Mickey and Duffy will make his first live appearance in this greeting show. So don’t miss this! (They are super adorable which makes me wanna hug each and every one of them. ugh!)

Try all the snacks you want, totally insta worthy.

Collect all your favourite Disney characters popcorn bucket and try all different popcorn flavours. My favourite is milk chocolate. But eating too much popcorn can be heaty so always hydrate, drink more water.

Plan your time wisely. Get the leaflet about the shows as well as the entire map of the theme park so you won’t miss any of the shows or rides you want to go.

Lastly, have fun with your partners and enjoy your day in Tokyo Disney Sea. Till next time, Japan!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey Mickey

I’ve just gotten back from Japan, one of my favourite countries that I haven't been for a year. I’m stoked to finally be able to share my trip to Tokyo Disney Resort here. Even though my sis and I have been to Disney Sea more than once but vising it once is never enough. I believe I’m able to go there every year once, cause there’s always something new to discover, always different. For example two years back they added a new Disney character for Disney Sea. ( Duffy the bear’s new friend, Gelatoni the boy cat. And also, this year Tokyo Disneyland added Frozen as one of their special theme to welcome winter starting from January 12 till March 18 which I was lucky enough to experience it. This time around, finally I get to visit Disneyland for the first time. First day, Disneyland; Second day, Disney Sea.

Let’s start from Disneyland. It was awfully cold on that day, fyi it was my first winter trip. Therefore, I’ve no idea what to wear to keep myself warm which I’ve made a big mistake from not bringing a thicker jacket. Can’t believe we managed to stay till night for the nighttime entertainment that was held at the castle of Cinderella; it’s a special winter edition of Once upon of time film ( Only the lucky ones get to watch it cause they have limited seats; tickets are distributed by lottery and the lottery takes place at tomorrowland hall) It reminds me all the good old cartoons that I’ve watched since I was a kid, which is why it’s all worth the wait.

Anyway, here's a photolog of pictures taken in Disneyland and I hope it makes you feel happy :p (Spreading good vibes to you)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New year, New skin resolution

I've been going to Dr. Rachel Chew Clinic quite often lately due to my terrible skin I had since my Shanghai trip till now (This is what happened if you're so hardcore on december holidays), was non-stop partying till I've forgotten to take good care of my skin. I was lack of sleep, dehydrated, been drinking all day (alcohol) ... My skin was bad - enough said.
Thankfully my skin got so much better after a few times of Skinartesse Laser and Cinderella treatment. No joke, it brighten up my skin, pimples went away and my skin turned out not so dry. 

Skinartesse Laser combines 5 types of lasers to treat face lightening, scar removal, pore tightening, treat acne, pigmentation problems, etc. There's no downtime for the laser, just a slight pinkish color but it will fade in few hours. Every patient have different kind of treat, minimum 5 to 10 seshs depends on skin condition some laser you have to do once every 2 weeks and some need to come back once a month. Skinartesse Cinderella has the similar function to Skinartesse laser. Under Cinderella treatment, there are cinderella face injection, cinderella stemcell machine, cinderella body injection, cinderella peel etc. Both cinderella and laser treatment works well in treating skin problems. It actually depends on each individual on their acceptability on either laser or injections or machines. Most importantly you have to go over Dr. Rachel Clinic for a face to face consultation, which Dr. Rachel and her nurse will advice you what works best for you and depends on your budget.
Here's my before,

Look at my skin, so dry.
And after,

Head over to https://drrachelchewblog.wordpress.com/ for more information.

Monday, January 18, 2016

My #Rakutenshoppinghacks

Who needs to go shopping mall when you can purchase everything from online with good deals? And also, sometimes there’s something that you can’t even get from the mall? Recently I’ve been browsing Rakuten.com.my/ quite often, because there’s always something new going on daily with great deals on their site and I never get bored of it, cause it’s so entertaining. 

Today I would like to share my 7 Shopping Hacks to save money on Rakuten. I think most of us already know you can score great deals shopping on Rakuten but there are some secrets that can make these great deals even better. 

1) Search for Sale items

2) Input your price range on the left-hand side to make sure you’re only seeing products within your budget

3) Check Rakuten Malaysia site every weekend to get coupon, cause every weekend has different coupon value 
4) Search on the Free Shipping category to save shipping fees 
5) Be a member to enjoy Rakuten Super Points and accumulate to use as another payment method to purchase desired category/products 
6) Every Wednesday, Mastercard holders are able to enjoy additional 5% discount

7) Happening right now, the 5X Rakuten Super Points give away – that’s equivalent to 5% equivalent of your purchase value back in Rakuten Super Points – it can be used like cash to offset your next

FYI, 1 Rakuten Super Points is RM1. Members (free sign-up) can get 5% rebate in the form of Rakuten Super Points for their purchases – everything, every day, with no limit on the amount of rebate.

With the #Rakutenshoppinghacks that I’ve given, check out how much you could save from it! Miss Hana waterproof gel eyeliner from RM34.90 to RM11 only!

How bout KOSE products? From RM112 to RM68!

Do leave a comment to me if you have any other hacks to share with me.