Friday, November 6, 2015

Movie date with Petronas | Mesra Rewards 2015

As an appreciation, Petronas decided to treat loyal Mesra card customers to catch “ PAN “ the movie  in TGV@ 1 Utama last Friday.  Daph and I were invited to this event, because both of us are Petronas loyal customers! Ah huh, I’ve been pumping fuel from Petronas since the day I started to drive. And one of the reason why I only go for Petronas cause there’s one right opposite my house which everytime I fill my car tank before I head off to somewhere.

Plus, if you’re a Mesra card member, you get to enjoy this kind of rewards all the time! To find out more about Mesra card, you can visit!
This year Petronas decided to reward all existing Petronas Mesra Card member with special limited edition merchandise to redeem their points. Something bigger and more awesome for all of you to redeem! So for those who haven’t signed up for a Mesra Card please go and register one now! You can collect Mesra points at all Petronas stations with any purchase of fuel and kedai mesra items. You’ll earn one point for every single litre of fuel purchase and every RM1 spent at Kedai Mesra. Not to mention, Mesra Card is free!

If you’re not sure how many points you have, here are the 4 ways to check your Mesra points balance:

1. From your purchase receipts
2. At the Kedai Mesra counter
3. Check online at
4. Call the hotline number 1-300-22-8888

Still confused? You can just watch this YouTube video that explains more

These are the limited edition merchandise! The concept for this year is a subtle hint to their Formula 1 Championship win, as you can see from the design. Let me list out the points needed to redeem for the backpack, duffle bag and cap in case you want to know. During promotion is 4,000, 3,500, 2500 and after promotion is 5,000, 4,500, 3,500.

For those who are worried that you might get defect items – don’t worry. In order to ensure that all their customers are satisfied with their products including merchandise (even though they are free), you can now examined them and sign a declaration form to state that you’ve received the item in good conditions. It might seems a tad tedious, but hey, I rather spend a few more minutes to check instead of getting a non-functional product, right?

To find out more about all promotions, visit!

With Petronas Dagangan MD/CEO M Ibrahimnuddin M Yunus that day. You can follow him on Twitter too @ibrahimnuddin! Thank you Petronas for the movie treat! You guys are awesome J


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