Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Heineken’s Spectre premiere

For all those James Bond fans out there, I’m sure you know that Heineken has been a partner of the James Bond film franchise as early as 1997’s "Tomorrow Never Dies", and leading all the way up to 2012’s Skyfall, with Spectre being the seventh consecutive film in the partnership. I was recently invited to attend the brand’s premiere screening of Spectre at Garden’s GSC Signature, and it was such a great experience!

 Bond girl wannabe?

The event kicked off with the whole Heineken + Bond experience, where I got to immerse myself into the world of James Bond by playing some Bond- inspired missions before the movie. The music totally helped to set the mood too, as they were playing all the previous James Bond theme songs.

First up was a game called The Hunt, where you have to track down spies. There were three spies hidden amongst us; two were already caught when we arrived and the last one was nearly caught by us! We were so close to the last spy but we were unsure if it was her - ended up a guy caught her and we realized that the spy was way far off from the hint! She doesn't look like MoneyPenny :/ aiks. But we still had a fun time, trying to guess who the spy was.

This is one of the coolest games, as they created a model boat racing with the whole Bond concept, where you have to navigate the boat through various obstacles! I’m totally impressed by the creator and his creativity; I still remember, at the previous Heineken Imagine Pop Up Gallery, he made a music instrument out of Heineken bottles and lasers, which produced different sounds, and it was damn cool too! This game was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

I’m such a fail Bond girl; I couldn’t answer all the questions correctly. I only got 3 out of 10 correct answers, meh. I guess I’m disqualified to be a Bond girl. The cool thing about this game though is that you can only see what’s on the screen by wearing a special pair of glasses.

After all the exciting games, it was movie time! I could get a chilled Heineken whenever I liked, throughout the movie. Just pressed the ‘call’ button, and a refreshing Heineken would be brought to me . It’s my first time experiencing being served my favourite beer in the cinema! But of course, we didn’t drink too much cause we definitely didn’t want to miss out on the movie.

For me, Spectre was great but a little draggy. I’m not sure if you guys noticed the shades that James Bond wore in the movie? I was totally obsessed with it and I guessed it right that they’re from Tom Ford. It makes me feel like owning one now!

Additionally, in conjunction with the movie, Heineken has produced limited edition Spectre bottles that can be scanned to unlock behind the scenes footage from five of the movie’s dramatic locations Mexico City, Rome, London, Austria and Morocco...So go grab one and try it out for yourself at! Hehe :)

Overall, had a really good time at Heineken’s Spectre premiere and was honored to be one of the first in Malaysia to watch Spectre! Thank you Heineken for the great Bond experience!
Signing off with, Sam Smith’s Writing's On The Wall – the theme song for Spectre:


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