Monday, January 12, 2015

It's time to get a new smartphone with DG SmartPlan

A brand new year has just begun, how about getting a brand new smartphone to kick start your new year? Because right now you can get a free smartphone when you sign up for DG SmartPlan during the Jualan Terhebat Digi period and you will get free extra 2,400 mins calls and 2,400 sms too. Sounds like a super great deal huh?

These are the devices that DiGi is offering right now. What can I say? You can get all the latest devices here.

I’m sure it’s so much affordable if you sign up with DG SmartPlan, imagine all you need to pay is the monthly SmartPlan and the device is free! No joke. It’s really free! There’re three types of DG SmartPlan you can choose.
Starting with DG SmartPlan 78, a monthly commitment of RM78/month, comes with 3GB, 100 mins & 100 SMS. DG SmartPlan 108 – RM108/month, 5GB, 300 mins & 300 SMS. And lastly, DG SmartPlan 148 – RM148/month, 6GB, 600 mins & 600 SMS.
What’s even more awesome is all DG SmartPlan comes with added value such as unlimited WhatsApp, Free Norton Security, FREE Deezer (music streaming app) and Unlimited Weekend Calls (between DiGi to DiGi lines).

Don’t worry if you’re not a Digi user, because those who switch to Digi will get to enjoy extra rebates up to RM200! So what are you waiting for? Head over to and check out more information about it before the deal is over. New Year, New Smartphone ey?

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