Sunday, January 11, 2015

Family first

As the days go by, you wouldn't realize actually there are a lot of things had changed. You don't even have time to feel regret because when it happens everything change with that reason. One day you're here and the next day you're gone. Everything happens so sudden, just like those diseases that you don't even know they are exist until the day one of your loved ones have it and kick 'em to death. Life is such a bitch right? It's like you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair but you're just fooling yourself. That's like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn't eat him.

I feel so emotional lately. Cause it happened to my maternal grandma, she's having a hard time right now. She have really bad bedsore and cervical cancer. The pain hits her everyday and I can see she is trying to fight back for her life. She teared up, she can't talk, she can't move, she is so suffering, we are so worry. She is too weak for any surgery right now and if she take it doesn't mean it won't come back again, it will the doctor said. My heart aches whenever I visit her, imagine how my mom feels... It must be very hurtful. We can't do anything to help her and just accompany her by her side. Oh life, how could you let an old woman suffered so much pain?

I feel strange that things changed so fast, the last time I saw her and now it's totally a big change. Sigh. It's so unpredictable. I know I'm may not be the obedient granddaughter but I'll take my time to visit her when she's still here. Mom, please be strong... I know you are the most soft-hearted daughter among the family but don't worry your daughters are always here for you. Be strong and I'm sure she know you love her and cherish her.

Appreciate your family and be grateful to have them in your life.

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