Thursday, January 8, 2015


I've never did a New Year's resolution before, because from what I think New Year’s resolutions are easy to make but it's extremely difficult to maintain. To be honest how many New Year’s resolutions have you actually kept for longer than a few weeks? Not many, right?
It seems strange that I genuinely want to do something but fail to actually do it. And yet, this seems to happen all the time. ALL THE TIME. I just don't know why, I've been reminding myself everyday to exercise more regularly, eat a healthier diet, save more money but these habits are the most difficult to adopt. But seriously this year, this year.... I have to make a change. I have to stay motivated to keep up with my goals.

New Year, New Me.

Instead of making a New Year's resolution, I'm setting a list of goals. Dedicate the time and effort toward setting and evaluating my goals and think of what I could accomplish. I'm not gonna stay back and have fun anymore. It's time to get things real. I've been wasting my time since after high school, and also I've stopped my diploma in graphic design last year due to I felt not interested in it after my second semester but I guess I'm just being lazy and used that as an excuse. Ugh feel so bad. Please don't follow in my footsteps, it's a bad decision! Remember that, it's always good to have a certificate course. Oh well, there is no time for me to regret since I have decided. This year, no more excuses. Time to werk it out, full force achieving my goals.
Here are my list of goals,

My experience goals:
1) Get scuba diving license
2) Attend more rave parties, such as Future Music Festival Asia 2015, Stereosonic, Coachella
3) Bungee jumping, Sky diving
4) Work as a barista
5) Snowboarding
6) Swim with dolphins
7) Clamming
8) Ride all the crazy rides in amusement parks

My business goals:
1) Get more jobs from my social platforms weekly
2) Get more followers, readers on social platforms
3) Own a fashion brand
4) Own a cafe/mamak
5) Make GBGTV shine
6) Get my own business

My financial goals:
1) Save more money
2) Save and get a car
3) Pay off all credit cards
4) Able to give more allowance to my mom
5) Earn 10k monthly
6) Able to bring my family travel overseas

My travel goals:
1) Visit Italy
2) Visit United Kingdom
3) Visit New York City
4) Visit Maldives
5) Visit Las Vegas
6) Visit New Zealand
7) Visit Dubai
8) Visit Taiwan
9) Visit all the amusement parks in the world lol

My physical goals:
1) Eat clean
2) Become a jogger
3) Work out, want abs and nice ass
4) Eat less sugar
5) Sleep early and get up early
6) Get Lasik eye surgery
7) Get Invisalign

So far these are the goals that I can think right now but I'm sure there are more. Hopefully, I'm able to achieve some of the goals this year * fingerscross * Stay focused and good things will happen.

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  1. I'm glad to know that you want to visit Taiwan because I'm Taiwanese .btw, I'm a fan who always read your blog!