Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chipsmore Don’t Do It! Unless You’re Awesome

Our daily lives are so mundane, we get taken over by what is immediately in front of us and we don't see beyond that. To be true I would chase after something fresh and different everyday, don’t you? But don’t you think life can actually be really awesome if you can unbox the fun side of it with any of our normal routine.

What crosses your mind when you hear Chipsmore? Isn’t it more chips more fun? So yes, Chipsmore is running a contest right now called the ‘Chipsmore Don’t Do It! Unless You’re Awesome’ challenges which offers a chance for you to see how awesome a normal routine can be that you don’t even know.

All you have to do to join this contest is register and select the challenge you want to perform. Be as creative as you can, record & submit! Easy-peasy huh? Here are the three challenges for this contest. The first one is create your own awesome handshake. Second, perform a dance routine based on the steps shown on the demo video. Third, doing household chores in a smooth way. And I’m participating on the third one, dare to challenge me? Hehe Each video submission duration is within 15 secs. No video editing software is allowed ok!

Just like mine,


By the way, for those who are below 15 years old so sorry you can’t participate in this contest because it’s for fifteen and above : ( Sowey. And each of the contestants is allowed to submit multiple videos per challenge, you do not need to complete all 3 challenges but you can participate in all 3 if you want to so that you could have more chances to win cause each contestants can only win one prize per challenge. Remember after you’ve submitted your video please ask your friend to share em’ out on any social networks cause the top 50 videos with the most views from each challenge will be shortlisted. And the most creative entries will stand a chance for the following prizes:

Grand prize: Playstation 4 + 1 year supply of Chipsmore (1 for each challenge) Consolation prize: Asus Fonepad + 1 year supply of Chipsmore (2 for each challenge) 

So go over to to check out more! Good Luck everyone!

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