Friday, September 19, 2014

20 things you probably don't know about me

1) I have 4 siblings, two sisters two brothers and I'm the youngest among my family.

2) I love to drink alcohol but a cup of liquor can turn my face into red tomato.

3) I play guitar, I like music and I love to sing but I don't have a nice voice.

4) I'm a person who easily give up halfway which it's not a good thing.

5) I used to be a rhythmic gymnast when I was 9 until grade 4 I stopped.

6) I love cartoons and anime.

7) I do wear glasses as I have high power of astigmatism and I wish to get laser eyes surgery soon.

8) I wear what I like and I think it's nice, I don't have a particular style.


10) I like K-pop, YG family is my favourite.

11) I have a penny skateboard but I don't skate LOL.

12) I'm a sneakerhead.

13) I don't ask money from my parents anymore since I was 16 but I'll ask them to lend me instead of giving me.

14) I love to watch cooking shows because I want to be a good cook someday.

15) I'm a shy girl and kinda antisocial but to be true I'm friendly ha.

16) I like guys who wear black and white outfits.

17) I like branded stuff but I can't afford it oh nooo.

18) I believe in karma that why I had my first tattoo of " what goes around comes around " on my side rib

19) I don't like those people who actually stalk my boyfriend and act like they know him. That's why I don't tag him on my social medias so don't ask me what's the reason as I just don't like heh #needsomeprivacy

20) Lack of confidence, I always feel like I'm not good enough.

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