Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aldo + KLFW pre-party

Was invited to Aldo Collection meets Summer'14 launch @Pavilion with GBGteam yesterday. Thank you Aldo for giving me a pairs of lovely heels for this event. Don't know why I'm so into high heels lately, something like the one I'm wearing from Aldo so girly and elegant. But I can't wear it everyday cause I'll feel so insecure, I'm 171cm consider being tall I guess? Because of it I don't feel very comfortable wearing heels as it makes me look like a giant and that's an issue if I want to go out with heels meh. Especially hanging out with my friends sometimes I really wish I'm a little shorter but then again there are times I do love my height lol Idon'tknowwhatamItryingtosay ops.
Well as they said, the short wish taller and tall wish shorter am I right? Okay, I guess I'll just be grateful for what I have no one is perfect.

Here's their new collection look

The chic, metallics, ultra-comfortable heels and the easy as flip-flops but infinitely more stylish, boat shoes. Love how they match their outfits all dressed up in white and the shoes, accessories definitely stands out.

After that me and my GBG team went down to KLFW pre-party @Grand Millenium for the party. It makes me even more excited as the KLFW is coming so soon which is on the 18th June - 22nd June! Wooot

This is one of the best Vodka I've had so far. But just one pure shot of it, my face turned super RED like i'm drunk or something #alcoholicdisaster

The is what happened after that shot, my face totally CMI.

Okay, back to my OOTD pictures it's been awhile I didn't take something like these. Recently I kinda try something new like this style but I still can't figure it out what shall I call this style, any suggestion?
Just button up the first collar of a white shirt with a sports bra inside matching em' up with a knee length black skirt and a pair of black heels

White Top // H&M
Inner Top // H&M 
Skirt // H&M 
Bag // Zara 
Hat // I don't remember it's from where
Heels // Aldo
Shades // Spitfire
Lip color // Nars Semi Matte Lipstick Jungle Red

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