Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Skinartesse Heart Face?

Not to say I don't like the way I looked just I wan't to look even more pretty. Who doesn't want to have a better appearance? Recently I just realized there's this micro aesthetic also known as 微整形 at SkinArt clinic which can enhance and preserve your natural beauty without undergoing major surgery by combining derma fillers, botox, thread lift, lasers etc. I guess some of you might already know about it and it's pretty common right now lol many people had done it. Not only girls, guys too!

All injectables from SkinArt Clinic are controlled by Ministry of Health Malaysia and such products can be only sold to authorized doctors. There are a lot unethical practitioner with no license offer cheaper treatment price to their costumers but their victims have no idea what has been injected into their body it's damn horrible okay :o So please please please even though it's cheaper, choose wisely or bare the consequences.

The treatment I did was Skinartesse Heart Face. A customized design by Dr. Rachel Chew to create a heart shape face. Yes, the reason why I did this treatment is because I have really really short chin. It makes me look so damn fat like I have double chin. Plus I have chubby cheek which it makes me look 10x fatter. A lot of people thought I'm really fat in real life by just looking at my pictures ugh so sadhjljk.

Overall, I'm really satisfied with the result. After the inject there might have some redness, minor swelling or bruising caused from the treatment, it takes a few days for the down time but don't worry it is easily hidden with mineral make-up if you feel like going out after the treatment.

Here's my before and after, after injected fillers on my chin.

For those who are interested about Skinartesse Heart Face, go check out their instagram @skinartclinic or contact them at +6019-6211399 for enquiries.

Skin Art Clinic
D3-G4-8, Publika,
Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Honestly speaking, I think I might considering to have aesthetic treatment for my nose cause I don't really like my nose T_T Some even asked me to go for plastic surgery wtfsomean. If you're willing to pay for it, I don't mind going for that then. K just kidding no one is perfect.

FYI, this is aesthetic treatment not plastic surgery. It's different. 
So please watch your words before you speak, xiexieni

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