Friday, May 2, 2014

Pump Pump bouncy skin with Olay Aquaction

Do you guys know that keeping our skin hydrated and moisturized is very important? Because proper hydration makes skin look healthy and allows our skin cells rapidly repair themselves and turnover fresh cells which means huge anti-aging benefits. Not only drinking water can help us being hydated, using moisturizer has proven benefits for the skin over the long haul!

Due to the weather my skin has been dry and fatigue. I've tried so many brands of skincare product but none of them keep my skin hydrated and moisturized for the whole day!

But recently I'm using the new OLAY AquAction products which I would like to highly recommend to you guys because it amazes me. I love the long lasting refreshing scent of the new OLAY AquAction products leaves on my skin and the moisturizing yet non-sticky sensation after applied it on my face.

And what's more, the new range of Olay AquAction products with HydraLock Technology which redefines hydration! The latest innovation in hydration care guarantees you “Pump Pump Bouncy Skin” with 2 power ingredients. The first ingredient is WSK. WSK is an ingredient from the white jelly leaf which was part of Yang Guifei’s beauty regimen. WSK has been proven to outperform hyaluronic acid which was thought to be the gold standard hydrating ingredient. Because Hyaluronic acid helps keep your skin moist and agile, aiding in a healthy, youthful appearance.
Another ingredient is Niacinamide, addresses skin fatigue by giving the skin energy to renew itself and to hold onto its moisture more effectively. Interesting huh?

I'm using the Olay AquAction Long Lasting Hydration Gel on my daytime because I've oily skin and it moisturizes up to 12 hours to deliver the pumped up and bouncy look so that my skin doesn't look so oily but hydrated.

And for my night, I'm using their Olay AquAction Softening Sleeping Mask is a blue transparent jelly mask that can provide intensive hydration all night long. Not only it helps to moisturize skin and increase its water content, but also effectively control skin oils to achive water-oil balance and bouncy hydration. Absolutely my fave!

Besides that, here's a vlog which me, my sister and nana decided to show you guys how well the OLAY AquAction Long Lasting Hydration Gel and OLAY AquAction Softening Sleeping Mask works!

I hope you guys will love this new OLAY AquAction products just like we do!

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